The miracle of God’s power as manifested through Jesus Christ is in the way this power exercises itself so as to completely deceive the enemy. The blindness of the unbeliever is so complete that he is never prepared for the miracle of God’s power as exercised through Christian faith. Just when the enemy thinks he is victorious he is completely undone. At the very moment when the enemy expects to gloat over a triumph and fawn in sadistic glee over an abused and persecuted enemy, the dynamic of God’s power acting through the spirit of Jesus Christ confounds and confuses the entire evil project of the foe.

The humble man of Galilee had no military force. He had no political power, but His words indicted the evil doers of the time and all who had committed treason. Under the most humble and unpretentious circumstances, Jesus Christ not only indicted the hypocrites and the Pharisees of their sins and their blasphemies, but convicted them in the eyes of the people. There was nothing for them to do in harmony with their evil standard of conduct except to respond with persecutions, abuse, smear, misrepresentation, and false witnesses.

Imagine the watery mouthed glee with which the anti-christs rubbed their hands and gloated over the violence of the mob in Pilate’s Court. This mob had been worked up by subtle rumors and deliberately spawned propaganda. The evil instincts which pressed for the conviction of an innocent man poured out from the same blasphemous hearts which now campaign day and night to make commentaries like this impossible and in a conspiring effort to silence the voices of the fearless as we attempt to preserve the rich traditions which grew out of the sacrificial divinity of this man of Galilee.

With Christ condemned, His painful walk to the crucifixion place was only a sadistic detail. Those who had been driven out of the Temple as thieves and robbers and money-changers while posing as religious authorities of the community were only too happy to stand by while the incited ones beat the flesh from His body and forced Him to fall under the weight of the Cross.

After Christ’s physical body had died, in these dark hours, God moved. He shook the earth. The veil of the Temple was torn in two and the blasphemous and evil sinners trembled in the presence of these acts of God. The greatest victory was still to come, a victory literally born of defeat. Here was a man completely defeated-penniless, impoverished, without political influence, with no physical force to support Him, reduced to ridicule and death. All this added up to what might well be called the ultimate in defeat, but defeat became the womb in which victory was conceived, and the life which was lost was reborn with power and dramatic demonstration of God’s destiny for His Christian children, namely resurrection and immortality.

Thus it is with us. The enemy rises with power. He threatens our civilization., He subverts our public officials. He perverts our citizens. He poisons our education. He floods our entertainment with pornography. He takes legal steps to enforce the adultery of race mixing upon the people. The shades of Sodom and Gomorrah descend upon us. Surely Satan is laughing, and we all know that the enemies of Christ are gloating over their victories.

They have outlawed the name of Christ in our public institutions. They have made it a criminal offense to praise God in certain public places. They have denied us the right to set up Nativity Scenes and resurrection symbols on public property. They have compelled the Government of the United States to blaspheme the name of Jesus Christ and have gleefully stripped Christians of their rights. They seem to be thinking, “We have won a victory.”

But they have not learned their lesson. These behaviors, these victories of the evil ones, these powerful demonstrations against Christ and his dedicated followers have stimulated within the hearts of believers and courageous souls a dynamic reaction. They have stimulated a faith and a prayerful concern that cannot be defeated. At a moment least to be expected by the foes of Christ, there will be spiritual and miraculous manifestations that will shake the earth and the veil in Satan’s temple will be torn, and those of us who have dared to speak and dared to write and dared to believe and dared to be fearless will be rewarded with the victory that is inevitable. What the enemies of the Christians call our defeat is the womb of victory for our people and our enemies ultimate undoing. This is the undeniable fact.