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Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 31. 2022

August 31, 2022 Paul Brown 0

The lion afraid of the mouse? I don’t think so. The Federalist published this headline on Monday, August 29th., “”Gun Owners Are Racist, According To Academics Using Bad Science“. White people own guns — and oppose gun-control legislation — because they are racist and fear black people. Two new studies advance this dangerous narrative building among our academic elites. While such rhetoric is perhaps unsurprising among political pundits or celebrities, otherwise serious academics are now ascribing racist motives to gun ownership and opposition to gun control. These studies are not only based on a slew of bigoted assumptions, but also bad science. Interestingly enough, […]

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Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 29. 2022

August 29, 2022 Paul Brown 0

The Daily Caller, on Saturday, August 27th. ran the following headline, “Democrat-Run Cities Have A Big Crime Problem And They Can’t Seem To Fix It“. Violent crime and shoplifting spikes across urban America are forcing businesses to shutter. Brazen shoplifters walk free thanks to weak prosecutors — bankrolled by Democratic donors — creating a depressing urban blight that destroys neighborhoods and harms customers who are disproportionately racial minorities. It also makes inflation worse by further restricting supply chains. As of June 2022, the Council on Criminal Justice reports the homicide rate is 39% higher in 29 American cities than during […]
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Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 26. 2022

August 26, 2022 Paul Brown 0

Did YouTube give us permission to speak our own mind? Maybe. This headline, “YouTube will no longer punish accounts that question efficacy of face masks“, was published by The Blaze, on Wednesday, August 24th. YouTube, the Big Tech video mega-platform, may recently have updated its “misinformation” policies so that it will no longer remove content that questions the validity of wearing a face mask to prevent COVID or penalize accounts that publish such content. YouTube, which is owned by Google, has lengthy “misinformation policies” related to three controversial topics: Elections, vaccines, and COVID. As recently as April, YouTube forbade any content […]

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Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 24. 2022

August 24, 2022 Paul Brown 0

As God’s chosen, we don’t need to cower from our enemies. NewsMax published this headline on Monday, August 22nd, “Florida Christian School Head Won’t ‘Cower’ to Threats Amid Trans Policy Backlash.” A Florida Christian school administrator has received death threats after saying students only would be referred to by their sex assigned at birth, and LGBTQ pupils will be asked to leave. Barry McKeen, administrator for Grace Christian School told parents in a June 6 email that, “We believe that any form of homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transgender identity/lifestyle, self-identification, bestiality, incest, fornication, adultery and pornography are sinful in the sight of God […]

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Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 22. 2022

August 22, 2022 Paul Brown 0

I thought only White people were racist? Apparently not according to this headline, “Teachers’ Union Officials ‘Extremely Proud’ Of Deal To Lay Off White Teachers First“, published from The Daily Caller on Friday, August 19th. The president and vice president of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers defended a contract provision that states white teachers would be laid off first in a Friday appearance on ABC. “This contract language was something that we are, first of all, extremely proud of for achieving but it also doesn’t go far enough,” Greta Callahan, president of the teachers’ union, told “GMA3” host Amy Robach. “We […]

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Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 19. 2022

August 19, 2022 Paul Brown 0

Imagine this, The Gateway Pundit published this headline on Wednesday, August 17th, “At Least 8 Children in the U.S. Have Now Tested Positive for Monkeypox“. According to Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, the eighth confirmed case of monkeypox in the United States is believed to be a child under the age of two, and this is also the first pediatric case of monkeypox reported in Texas. “I understand that it’s a very scary thing, and parents have concerns, and what we need to make sure is to be vigilant and understand the risks, not assume the worst. But this reminds us that this […]
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Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 17. 2022

August 17, 2022 Paul Brown 0

This article, headlined, “Missouri School Libraries Bracing for Crackdown on ‘Explicit Books’”, is from NewsMax, and was published on Friday, August 12th. A number of Missouri school districts have reportedly begun purging books from their library shelves, in anticipation of the new state law intended to crack down on “sexually explicit” materials being available to students. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson, a Republican, signed the bill into law in June. It obliges public school administrators, faculty and staff to shield their students — particularly those 17 and younger — from material that could be construed as racy or sexually provocative. The state […]

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Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 12. 2022

August 12, 2022 Paul Brown 0

Trump was right, this is nothing more than a ‘witch hunt’. The Epoch Times published this headline, “Trump Suggests FBI May Have ‘Planted’ Evidence During Mar-a-Lago Raid“, on Wednesday, August 10th. Former President Donald Trump suggested the FBI may have planted evidence during the bureau’s raid at his Mar-a-Lago home because members of his team were blocked from watching the agents. In a Truth Social post on Wednesday, the former president wrote that “the FBI and others from the Federal Government would not let anyone, including my lawyers, be anywhere near the areas that were rummaged and otherwise looked at during the […]

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Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 10. 2022

August 10, 2022 Paul Brown 0

No need to read ‘1984’ by George Orwell…we’re living it! “The FBI And DOJ Criminalizing Opposition To The Regime Is How The Republic Ends“, was a headline from The Federalist, on Monday, August 8th. On Thursday, Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder decided it was the time to bring the subtext of the Jan. 6 show trials and related domestic security state activities into the open. “My guess is that by the end of this process, you’re going to see indictments involving high-level people in the White House, you’re going to see indictments against people outside the White House who were advising […]

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Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 8. 2022

August 8, 2022 Paul Brown 0

Apparently, striving to educate yourself isn’t a good thing to some people. This headline, “San Diego Schools Say Giving Tests Is Racist“, from, which was published on Saturday, August 6th. In the fashion of other failing public schools that have implemented WOKE politics into their curriculum, the San Diego Unified school district is decrying tests as racist. The school’s trustee claims that measuring student ability through tests is “rooted in racism.” While some agree that standardized testing is not always the best method to determine student progress, tests in and of themselves come in many forms. When most people […]