What you will receive as a Klansman or Klanswoman

1.After we receive your application we will add you to our news list and send your login info for the member’s site. Please allow 5-7 days. USE YOUR CREDIT CARD AND BEGIN RIGHT NOW!

2. In approximately 12 – 14 days you will receive

A beautiful certificate showing your association with The Knights Party as a Klansman or Klanswoman.

A membership card. A card you can carry in your wallet or purse showing you as a Knights’ associate

A letter from National Director Thomas Robb welcoming you to The Knights.

A letter from the National Organizer, Rachel Pendergraft

Information detailing how you can become a Knight.

A pledge book (or sign up for automatic withdraw)

An assortment of literature and information forms

A DVD set welcoming you to The Knights Party along with additional information and a behind the scenes look at the national office HQ

3. You will receive THE CRUSADER newspaper

4. You will receive Robb’s Victory Report

5. You will receive an invitation to the National Klan Congress in Harrison, AR.

7. You will receive guidance from headquarters as we work together to build The Knights’ Party – to end the treason of the November Criminals.

8. We believe through your association with The Knights you will have a rewarding experience as you work toward a better understanding of Klan philosophy, our struggle, and toward a return of White Christian Revival in America. We can’t do it overnight, but each person who dedicates himself or herself to our cause and remains persistent in their beliefs and goals brings our nation one step closer to a rebirth of Christian self- government. We will help you make that step.

9. Access to the members only website complete with message board, literature downloads, updates, resource material, recruitment tips, and much more.

10. Ability to participate in our nationally coordinated media campaigns – an important and integral part of The Knights Party activity program