National Director Thomas Robb is an ordained Baptist minister. Born in Detroit, Michigan and later moving to Tucson, AZ with his family when he was a young man, Thomas Robb became active politically when he was 17 years old speaking out against Communism.

Pastor Robb had full intentions of entering law school in order to advocate for Constitutional principles in the courts. However, he felt led to the ministry, believing that the surest way to affect positive change was through the glorification of Jesus Christ and the calling of men and women to repentance and to give their life to Christ.

Pastor Robb was accepted into the Rocky Mountain Kingdom Bible College in Evergreen, Colorado on full scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in theological studies in May 1966. He went on to earn his Master of Divinity Degree in 1970. During this time he met and married Muriel McAllister, a biblical studies student and began a monthly religious periodical; the “Message of Old” with the support of Gerald L.K. Smith, founder of the Passion Play in Eureka Springs.

The couple lived in Los Angeles and Tucson, Arizona before relocating to northwest Arkansas in the early 70’s. Robb served as teaching elder of Harrison Gospel Church for six years before being called to pastor a small church in Marshal for five years. With the relocation of the senior pastor of the Harrison Gospel Church and its ministry, Pastor Thomas and Muriel Robb founded the Christian Revival Center in 1990.

Pastor Thomas Robb, national director of The Knights Party, was invited by David Duke to speak at large Klan rallies across the nation in the early eighties. Mr. Robb was already a well known public speaker and David Duke was interested in having only the most influential of speakers stand up on behalf of the white rights cause.

In 1989, after 10 years of loyal service to the national office and after many more years than that in the movement over all, Pastor Robb became the national director and implemented modern concepts of mass marketing reaching hundreds of thousands of white Christian people around the world with the message of Christian Revival.

Mr. Robb has been a powerful spokesman the past 50 years for the white rights movement. He has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and news programs such as London Sunday Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, USA Today, 48 hours, 20/20, The Today show, (numerous CNN programs) the BBC, Channel 4 of London, A&E,  Discovery Channel, The History Channel, the Learning Channel, as well as being featured in countless documentaries in Germany, England, Russia, Japan, Australia, France, Yugoslavia, Chzechlozavakia, Sweden, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Greece, and others

Newsweek Magazine wrote:
“Robb’s tactics appear to be effective…In Montgomery, Alabama, Klan watch believes Robb has led the most successful recruiting drive since Duke.”

In a news article from the London Sunday Times they wrote,
“An accomplished and charismatic speaker, Robb is viewed by civil rights experts as the most dangerous of the new breed of white supremacists because of his communication skills, political ambitions and his impressive ability to cloak the underlying message of hatred and intolerance in an avuncular garb of reason and logic.”

Dan Levitas of the Center for Democratic Renewal in Atlanta, Georgia said:
“Robb is a master of media manipulation. He has constructed a well crafted and successful marketing strategy for the Klan.”

Dr. Ed Fields, publisher and editor of The Truth at Last newspaper said:
“Today There are numerous Klan groups. Some only existing in a single community, others state wide or operating in several states. There is one Klan leader who has built a true national Klan organization. This is Pastor Thom Robb. Today he carries on more wide spread activity than any other kkk leader we know of. Robb is an excellent speaker and leader. He is a true man of God – we wholeheartedly and unreservedly endorse Pastor Robb. I want to urge all independent and local Klan groups who are considering affiliation with a national body to contact this sterling leader who has accomplished so much good for his race and the Klan.”

Pastor Robb has committed his life to speaking up for the rights of White Christians while traveling all over America. All three of his grown children are active in the white rights movement and he always stresses the importance of family involvement noting that there is no better way to secure a future for our children then by teaching them how to stand up for their white Christian faith and to be proud of their heritage. Its all about family whether its our immediate family or our racial family and Pastor Robb speaks up for the family!


Rachel Pendergraft is the national organizer and has been with The Knights for over 35 years speaking out in defense of White Christian America and her brothers and sisters world wide.

At the age of 12, she began calling members of Congress urging them to vote against the Equal Rights Amendment. The ERA, while sounding good to the casual observer, promoted lesbianism, no-fault divorce, and most dangerous of all, military draft for women.

As a young girl she was “Knighted” by David Duke, then national director, and worked for The Knights on a volunteer basis as well as attending rallies, marches, meetings, and demonstrations across the country.

At 19, she testified on behalf of Louis Beam at the infamous Sedition Trials in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Several top leaders of the racialist movement had charges of sedition leveled against them by the federal govt. They were found innocent by the jury.

At 24, after serving as operating manager of the national office, she was nominated for a position on the governing board (grand council) by Edward Novak and K.A. Badynski. After the election of 1993 she became the highest ranking Klanswoman in America and fifth highest ranking Klan officer.

Today, she is the second ranking Klan officer in the nation. She oversees daily operations at the national office, is co-editor of The Crusader, co-host of White Resistance Daily News program, co-host of Wake up America daily Bible study, host of the White Side, and White Women’s Perspective, senior project coordinator for this web site, spokeswoman to the media, national organizer training recruiters and guiding members across the country. She has advocated for white Christian views, law and order, and “transformation versus revolution” before many branches of law enforcement groups. She truly believes that Law and Order is the hallmark of Western Christian civilization and the reason the law enforcement community is under attack by cultural Marxists.

She has appeared in numerous newspaper articles, magazine articles, and on news programs, including Jane, Mirabella, Elle, Wall Street Journal, London Mail, New York Times, 20/20, Politico, Mother Jones’ News, Boston Globe, the Australian Today Show, and numerous others. In 2013 she was recognized as a Mullins Fellow for “her contribution to Western Heritage”.

She has been happily married for 28 years to a Klansman she recruited, has three children that they home schooled, and six grandchildren. She is the author of An Easy Guide to Home Schooling for the Liberty Conscious Family, and numerous articles and essays.