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Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 9. 2023

August 9, 2023 Paul Brown 0

There’s no polite way to say ‘thugs’. Recently, Audacy published this article, headlined, “Police union president reacts to mayor’s rejection of ‘mob action’ to describe teens“. CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — The President of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police is very critical of Mayor Brandon Johnson for his comments regarding a large group of teens who ransacked a convenience store in the South Loop. The mayor took issue with the term “mob action.” “We have to be very careful the way we use language to describe certain behavior,” he stated. “There is history in this city to refer to children like baby Al […]

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Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 7. 2023

August 7, 2023 Paul Brown 0

America, the non-white Un-Christian, White Christian Nation! Or so some think! This article comes from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, published on Friday, August 4th., “About 100 Milwaukee faith leaders launch campaign against Christian Nationalism“. About 100 leaders from a variety of faith backgrounds, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism, rallied outside the Martin Luther King Jr. statue on North King Drive before marching to Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, where they received training on how to engage their congregations in conversation about the issue. “America is not a Christian nation,” said the Rev. Paul Erickson, bishop of the Greater Milwaukee Synod […]
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Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 4. 2023

August 4, 2023 Paul Brown 0

Is crime racist? This headline, “California is about to let race shockingly tip the scales of justce“, was published by Fox News Digital on Tuesday, August 1st. California, that bellwether of the absurd, is about to do it again. The same legislature that rejected legislation to add human trafficking of a minor for purposes of a commercial sex act to the state’s list of “serious” felonies – until public outrage prompted reconsideration – has now seen the supermajority Democrats pass a bill out of the Assembly that mandates consideration of race in criminal sentencing. The California State Assembly voted Assembly Bill […]

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Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 2. 2023

August 2, 2023 Paul Brown 0

Do you wonder why so many children are killed by firearms at home? This explains some of it…Fox News Digital, on Monday July 31st., ran this headline, “Biden admin. confirms it’s withholding key funds for schools with hunting courses: ‘This is shameful’.” The Biden administration confirmed to Fox News Digital that it is withholding critical funds for elementary and secondary schools nationwide with hunting or archery programs in their curriculum. The Department of Education explained in a statement that its funding decisions were based on the plain text interpretation of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA), which Congress passed and President […]