1. Donate online or by mail to support this website and our work.

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4. Join or become an Official Supporter of The Knights Party, the organization that works for our heritage and freedom. Our people need a voice!

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9. Speak up – A well written letter to the Editor of your local newspaper will help bring important issues before the public. Remember to be polite, proof read for proper grammar and spelling, write with a positive rather than negative tone, don’t use racial slurs, etc. Bring them to the attention of The Knights Party and Pastor Robb and the work that is being done to promote White Christian Revival.

10. Remember The Knights Party in your Will or Trust. We are deeply appreciative of the help and support our friends have given this important work over the years. The support towards this mission of bringing a message of hope and deliverance to our people must continue even after we are gone. Our race, faith and nation are worth every sacrifice we can make. We must continue the struggle until America has been delivered from the vice of death.

The following wording may be used in your will or trust in making a bequest to the Knights Party Committee, a nonprofit corporation.

“I give to Thomas A. Robb as trustee for the Knights Party Committee, inc., the sum of __________and / or other specifically described property, free of all death taxes, creditors’ claims and expenses of administration of my estate, for discretionary use in carrying out its aims and purposes.”

If you intend on naming The Knights Party as a beneficiary in your will or trust, our attorney will prepare the legal documents free of charge. You can contact Jason Robb’s law office at 870-743-2215

11. Become a distributor of our newspaper, The Crusader. If you cannot distribute papers yourself, you can buy bulk issues and someone will distribute them on your behalf.