“If I should choose to associate with The Knights what will be required of me?”

We emphasize ONE requirement for every person who decides to associate with The Knights, and that is that they conduct themselves with Christian character. We want our Klansmen and Klanswomen to live their lives as honorable, decent, dignified white people.

That is the ONLY requirement we have. Everything else is of a voluntary nature. Certainly we want you to distribute literature, spread the Klan message to all who will listen, to educate yourself on the issues facing America. We want you to educate and inspire your children by living and acting as a responsible and loving father and mother. We want you to attend meetings if there is a unit in your area. We also ask that you attend and support national gatherings as often as possible.

Some Klansmen and Klanswomen are able to be more active than others. We are composed of many different people, with different abilities. We all can not perform the same task, but we can all work TOGETHER as a single body to grasp the dream which danced with delight in the eyes of our ancestors.