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Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 28. 2022

February 28, 2022 Paul Brown 0

Here’s a no-brainer, this headline was posted Saturday, February 26th, by The Gateway Pundit, “Iceland Wants as Many People as Possible’ to Catch Covid-19 After Ending All Restrictions – Suggests Vaccine is Not Enough“. Iceland’s Ministry of Health has lifted all remaining public COVID-19 restrictions on Friday, February 25th both domestically and at the border. It also includes lifting the 200-person indoor gathering limit and restricted opening hours for bars. “Minister of Health, Willum Þór Þórsson has decided that as of Friday 25 February all public restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be lifted, both domestically and at the border. Thereby […]

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Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 25. 2022

February 25, 2022 Paul Brown 0

Will the Supreme Court stand by God? I guess we’ll see. This article was posted by The Daily Signal, dated Wednesday, February 23. 2022, headlined, “Colorado Is Again Trying to Compel a Wedding Vendor’s Speech. Supreme Court Has a Chance to Defend Freedom“. Some U.S. Court of Appeals have a long history of issuing decisions that are demonstrably hostile to wedding artists seeking to exercise their First Amendment rights. Whether for wedding flowers, or for custom designed wedding cakes, these courts have repeatedly circumvented the rights of business owners to both practice their religious freedom and refuse to affirm messages that contradict […]
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Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 23. 2022

February 23, 2022 Paul Brown 0

We don’t need this article to the us this, but here’s an article from The Daily Wire, posted, Monday, February 21st, “‘American Lives Are At Risk’: Sen. Cotton Blasts Report On Biden Afghan Evacuee Screening Failures“. Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton blasted President Joe Biden following the release of a report last week that revealed the administration’s failure to properly screen many Afghan evacuees during the withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021. “Joe Biden promised to vet the evacuees that came to America after his retreat from Afghanistan. But he didn’t, and now American lives are at risk. According to this report, dozens of suspected […]

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Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 21. 2022

February 21, 2022 Paul Brown 0

It’s bad when even a communist country like China shows more morals than Christian America. Take this article from The Daily Caller, published Friday, February 18th, headlined, “LGBT Groups And Warner Bros. Silent After Sexual Content Stripped From ‘Friends’ In China“. LGBT groups and Warner Bros. are silent after scenes containing sexually explicit material and LGBT content were censored in the Chinese streaming version of the Emmy Award-winning American sitcom “Friends.” Only season one has been made available in the re-release, it is already apparent censors intend to excise all content the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) finds objectionable, including, but not limited […]

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Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 18. 2022

February 18, 2022 Paul Brown 0

Work ‘like the Devil’, or ‘work of the Devil’? There’s a difference. This article was post by Breitbart News, on Wednesday, February 16th, “Joe Biden Promises to ‘Work Like the Devil’ to Bring Down Gas Prices After Strategic Oil Reserve Release Fails“. President Joe Biden promised Monday to continue working to bring down the price of gasoline, less than three months after his historic release of oil from the strategic oil reserves. “I’m going to work like the devil to get gas prices down,” Biden told attendees at the National Association of Counties 2022 Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. The price of gasoline […]

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Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 16. 2022

February 16, 2022 Paul Brown 0

It’s no secret that Facebook has enemies of the White race within it’s ranks, that hide undercover watching our every move. This could be the case with this article, published yesterday, February 15. 2022, by The Washington Examiner, headlined, “Facebook whistleblower responds to criticism she’s a Trojan horse for censorship“. Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen said that she is an opponent of censorship via tech companies, rebutting conservative criticism that she is a left-wing operative opposed to free speech. Haugen said that, contrary to how she has been portrayed, she’s opposed to censorship on social media platforms on the grounds that […]
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Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 14. 2022

February 14, 2022 Paul Brown 0

Just say NO!! And apparently that’s just what happened according to this headline,, “Senate Repulicans Say No to Biden Funding for ‘Safe’ Crack Pipes”, from The Daily Signal, dated Friday, February 11th. The Biden administration quickly reversed course on a plan to fund “smoking kits” for drug users, apparently including pipes to smoke crack cocaine, but Senate Republicans introduced legislation to ensure it doesn’t happen. The bill would amend a section of last year’s American Rescue Plan Act to prohibit any taxpayer funds from being used to directly or indirectly purchase, supply, or distribute crack pipes or similar drug paraphernalia. Senate […]

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Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 11. 2022

February 11, 2022 Paul Brown 0

A perfect example of the hypocrisy of CRT was explained in this article from Breitbart News, published on Wednesday, February 9th, “Ron DeSantis Explains Why Florida Opposes CRT: We Don’t Want Them Separated into Racial Groups’”. Speaking in Miami, where he held a roundtable discussion on President Biden’s border crisis, DeSantis briefly spoke about Florida’s strong stance against CRT being taught in schools. “One of the reasons we’re opposing CRT in schools: We want all the kids treated as individuals. We want them judged on the content of their character, on their talents,” he explained. “We don’t want them separated into racial […]

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Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 9. 2022

February 9, 2022 Paul Brown 0

American’s are higher than a kite! They are, according to this headline published by The Washington Examiner, Tuesday, February 8th, “Overdose deaths cost US $1 trillion annually.” Could it be government sanctioned drug use causing these deaths? The Commission on Combating Synthetic Opioid Trafficking, a bipartisan commission in Congress, released its report on Tuesday examining the synthetic opioid threat to the U.S., including its origin, widespread nature, and other aspects. “The availability of illegally manufactured synthetic opioids supplied to meet the country’s appetite for narcotics is a national crisis,” the commission concluded in the report. “These drugs are destroying lives […]

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Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 7. 2022

February 7, 2022 Paul Brown 0

How do you feel about being a forced ‘Welcome Wagon’? You’re not alone. This head comes from The Washington Examiner, dated, Saturday, February 5th, “Can the Border Patrol survive Joe Biden?” The Biden administration has transformed and imperiled the mission of the Border Patrol through migration policies that have led to a crisis at the southern border, current and former agents say. Border Patrol agents broke protocol to claim in interviews with the Washington Examiner that their jobs have been remade since President Joe Biden took office a year ago. They say that they have been redirected from fulfilling a […]