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Knights Party Press Release: March 29. 2024

March 29, 2024 Paul Brown 0

White people are being replaced! On Monday, March 26th., the Colorado Springs Gazette published this headline, “Democratic Washington governor signs law allowing illegal immigrants to obtain commercial drivers license.” Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA) signed a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to obtain commercial licenses for jobs that initially required citizenship. Inslee signed House Bill 1889, which allows immigrants to get professional licenses using individual tax identification numbers instead of social security numbers, according to Washington State Standard. “This bill will open doors for careers in teaching, healthcare, accounting, and many other professions to those who are ready to join the […]

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Knights Party Press Release: March 27. 2024

March 27, 2024 Paul Brown 0

There are many reasons why we shouldn’t have non-whites within our government, but here’s just one example. Recently, Natural News ran this headline, “State senator calls for RIOTS after Tennessee Republicans pass bill undoing police traffic stop reforms. The passage of a bill in Tennessee that reverses another police reform bill in the wake of the fatal beating of Tyre Nichols by Memphis cops in 2023 is stirring up anger as some residents, including state Sen. Charlane Oliver, are suggesting that people riot in opposition to it. The original bill, adopted by the Memphis City Council, outlawed so-called pretextual traffic stops for […]
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Knights Party Press Release: March 25. 2024

March 25, 2024 Paul Brown 0

Freeloading bums! On Thursday, March 21st., the New York Post published this disturbing headline, “TikTok’s top migrant influencer is making such a fool of the US, it seems like Ali G satire.” Meet Leonel Moreno, a self-proclaimed Venezuelan migrant espousing the good old-fashioned virtues of leeching off government resources — not to mention panhandling, scamming businesses and, most recently, seizing homes using squatter’s rights. With more than 502,000 followers on TikTok, 16,000 on Instagram and his own YouTube channel, Moreno the “influencer” is a veritable guru of grifting. He’s building a lifestyle brand that teaches fellow migrants how to get one […]

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Knights Party Press Release: March 22. 2024

March 22, 2024 Paul Brown 0

Quit making everything about race. Police make mistakes just like you and I. Sunday, March 17th., Atlantic Black Star ran this headline, “‘White Men Were Involved in the Robbery’: Portland Officer Kills Unarmed Black Man After Mistakenly Targeting Him as Robber, Lawsuit Says.” After a Black man was fatally shot in the back by a Portland police officer while running away during a response to an armed robbery call in November 2022, he was left to bleed out for nearly 30 minutes and later died at a hospital, according to a lawsuit filed by a representative of the man’s estate. The lawsuit accuses […]

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Knights Party Press Release: March 20. 2024

March 20, 2024 Paul Brown 0

This is every school in America’s Public School System. the New York Post on Sunday, March 17th., published this headline, “How a school that was once called ‘exemplary’ devolved into one of the most troubled in America.” The troubled Massachusetts high school where parents and community members wanted the National Guard to help restore order was labeled “exemplary” by a Harvard University study just 15 years ago — but now families are fleeing in droves. Parents are opting to home school their kids or are moving to another district, rather than let their children face the violence plaguing the campus. Brockton High […]
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Knights Party Press Release: March 18. 2024

March 18, 2024 Paul Brown 0

This is a call for nationwide segregation! On Friday, March 15. 2024, PEOPLE published this headline, “Family of Missouri Teen Beaten on Video Say They Are ‘Hopeful’ She Will Recover Despite ‘Long Road Ahead”. Family members of a Missouri teen who was brutally beaten and is in critical condition with brain injuries are hopeful that she will recover, according to reports. Kaylee Gain, 15, was hospitalized after a violent brawl captured on camera outside a school in St. Louis, Miss. on March 8, St. Louis County Police Department confirms to PEOPLE. Police were notified about a fight near the Hazelwood East High School […]

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Knights Party Press Release: March 15. 2024

March 15, 2024 Paul Brown 0

Great job young man. On Tuesday, March 12. 2024, The Blaze published this headline, “‘It’s not happening’: High school backs down after student refuses to remove American flag from his truck.” School officials in Southeastern Indiana apologized to parents after a student was asked not to fly an American flag from the back of his truck on school grounds. Cameron Blasek was asked by school staff at East Central High School to remove the flag from his truck. The school district later explained that the concern was due to the idea that should one flag be flown, all other flag types would be […]

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Knights Party Press Release: March 13. 2024

March 13, 2024 Paul Brown 0

Here’s a perfect example of White replacement. On Monday, March 11th., Fox News published this headline, “Biden’s border crisis comes to the suburbs.” In his first days in office, President Joe Biden stopped building the border wall, ended the Remain in Mexico program that kept alleged asylum seekers out until they had proved their case, and started mass-releasing people caught illegally entering the U.S. He also perverted the purpose of immigration parole to bring tens of thousands more aliens in every month. Despite his attempt to downplay the problem and shirk responsibility in Thursday’s State of the Union, these policies have […]