When talking about the Klan, one of the first things some people think of is that associates of The Knights must really hate Negroes and other non-Whites. In fact some people are so sure that this is the basic foundation of the Klan they will actually want to join for this very reason. How disappointed they must be when they find out the Klan does not hate Negroes!

Yes, those who want to associate with the Klan because they believe the Klan will be fertile ground to promote their hatred toward Negroes quickly learn the Klan is based on LOVE and not hate!

The Klan attempts to be very careful so the only people who associate are those motivated out of love for our people. Perhaps this may surprise you. Perhaps you have heard or read that the Klan is a “hate” group. Those anti-White extremists who hate America and our people have given us this label. The reason is because they realize most people will be turned against the Klan if they think the Klan promotes hatred.

The Klan, however is not a hate group, but we are a LOVE group. We are a love group because we LOVE America and we LOVE our people.

The Klan does not believe in slavery and believes the Negro should have the right to self determination. Self-determination is the belief that a people should have the right to rule their own affairs. However the Negro is not being given this opportunity unless it is in the form of oppressing the rights of White people.

The Negroes are unaware that they are merely the pawns in a gigantic “chess game” being played out by internationalists who hate America and our Constitutional Republic.

The Klan, however, also believes in self determination for White People! If, as we are always told, black majority rule in South Africa is good, WHY is White majority rule in America bad. White people should not be continually forced to bow and scrape before the demands of Negroes, Jews, Asians, Mexicans and other so called minorities.

Instead of these “minorities” complaining and demanding more and more, they should thank the White people for everything we have given them. They, in their original homeland have none of the benefits they are enjoying here in America. Remember it is your tax dollars which has to pay for all of those free benefits they get and now it takes the income of two to feed our families while we support them with welfare, food stamps, public housing, Aid to Dependent Children, job quotas, pay subsidies, etc. and etc. Yet they are still unhappy, always demanding more and more. How much are you willing to pay and for how long?

So while we believe the Negroes have a natural right to study black history, our children should not be forced to do so. Our children should be encouraged to study OUR history and emulate OUR heroes. If Negroes want to “worship” Martin Luther King as a great black hero, we really couldn’t care less. But by what God given right does the federal government have to demand OUR children honor King.

While we believe Negroes have a right to have black pride, we believe you as a White person also has the right to have White Pride! There are Negro colleges supported by the United Negro College Fund which gets free advertising on TV and radio in an effort to generate contributions from Whites who are suffering some kind of neurotic White guilt, however, where is the United White College Fund. This is just one small example.

There are thousands of groups working for the interests of Jews, Asians, Negroes and Mexicans, yet if anyone work s for the interest of Whites they are called “haters,” “bigots” and “Neo-Nazi terrorists.” Those slick one-world types know that if they can make a label stick it will place an automatic barrier against open dialogue in the minds of most people. This is why we strive to associate only with those who base their feelings on LOVE for THEIR racial family not out of hatred for some other racial family.

You and I know that we are not haters, we simply want to preserve our precious heritage. We do have a rich history, one in which we can be very proud and we do not want to lose it!