by Mrs. Rachel Pendergraft

It’s sickening to see the many politicians, queer lobbies, new age churches, and so-called community leaders scurrying around trying to profit from the young homosexual man’s death in Wyoming. It seems they are almost in a sort of competition. Who can express outrage the loudest, who can have the biggest candle light vigil, who can get the first piece of hate speech legislation passed?

Have you noticed who is attempting to destroy the First Amendment? Homosexual groups – minority groups – left wing women’s groups – communist groups – Jewish groups. They are , without apology, attempting to silence the protests of the white Christian middle-class. They are quite good at it. All of these anti-Christian groups yield tremendous influence over our governmental leaders and billions are spent to insure that anti-Christian legislation is passed.

Prayers are taken from the schools. Parental rights are violated. Abortions are given on demand. Children are punished for reading religious material in schools. Southern monuments are toppled and the Confederate flag is banned. Schools are having their names changed such as George Washington School to Martin Luther King School because the first president of our nation is declared a racist and then denounced by liberal bureaucrats. Kids are told they can’t read the bible in school, but they can get birth control at the school clinic or in “health” class learn how to have safe homosexual sex. The list of legislative assaults upon white Christians would take up volumes. And sadly, many Christians are being blindly led to their own destruction.

Our forefathers attempted to provide for our defense against oppressors through the First Amendment. They understood that if we ever allowed our Christian faith to be undermined in this nation, that our freedoms would soon follow. Through the First Amendment they wished to make it impossible for traitors in government to restrict speech and thought. If America should become depraved and turn it’s back on God, the First Amendment, they hoped, would assist in the battle to reclaim America.

The anti-Christs in our midst know too well the power of the First Amendment. Because of the wise foresight of our ancestors, The Knights has prevailed time and time again when governmental tyrants have tried to keep us from speaking to the people. How frustrating it must be for the sell – out politicians that The Knights continue to boldly speak out for the interests of white Christian America.. As much as they wish we would disappear so they don’t have to be reminded of their evil actions, the First Amendment stays firmly entrenched – at least for now.

Hypocrites nationwide are now clamoring for hate crime legislation. How happy they must have been to have a new poster boy for their “poor helpless homosexual” campaign. Of course they conveniently forget to mention that most homosexuals who are murdered or assaulted are victims of their own gay lover. That’s why this particular murder is all over the news. It just doesn’t happen very often. Everyday occurrences don’t make the headlines, obscure and unusual ones do.

So at last queers around the world have a new poster boy. They must use him for all he’s worth. They must use his death to forge ahead – to win more rights. They want to teach your children, coach their teams, raise children, win custody fights, force people like you to socialize or work with them and to condone their behavior.

Who do they view as their primary opponent? – white middle-class America. So they look around them and think to themselves, “hmmm, we don’t like those uptight white Christian types. Who else is out to get them?” Now they have their coalition built – a literal smorgasbord of repressive, depressive, global scheming, mushy headed social reformers and their legions of followers. After overdosing on therapy these social do gooders and their so called misunderstood minority groupies head out to make it more difficult for the middle-class – namely those who profess a belief in Jesus Christ.

They want to put an end to the cries of white Christians, yet in their ignorance they fail to realize that once the host is killed the parasite dies not long after.

Our white ancestors who formed this great republic realized that without Christ at the center of the nation it would soon weaken within. Our nation continues to become more and more corrupt as God is forced out of the courthouses and schoolhouses.

Soon Churches will be required to accept homosexuals into their ministries even while trying to uphold the Biblical teaching of the sin of homosexuality and lesbianism. How will our children be protected from this vulgar immorality and perversion when they are taunted by it in our very houses of worship.

The proposed hate crime legislation isn’t about protecting gay people or minority people. It is about silencing the protests by the Christian middle-class against the politicians. The politicians know they must have a boogey man to protect their special interest groups from and the special interest groups in turn continue their legal bribery via the crooked lobby system. They are both rubbing each others backs and white Christian America is getting squeezed out.

After the politicians and heads of the minority and homosexual groups succeed in setting stiffer penalties for criminal acts committed under the guise of “hate” , the next item on their agenda is to outlaw actual “hate” speech.

Who will be in charge of determining what is “hate” speech and what is not. Will they decide that the pastor of your church has violated the “hate” speech law because he spoke out against homosexuality? Will they arrest those who speak out against affirmative action? Will they go after those who oppose bussing? Will they begin arresting young people who witness on college campuses about the perils of abortion?

It is indeed troubling to see the many Christians who support hate crime legislation. They just don’t understand that THEY are the ultimate targets, not some obscure loser racist type like they see on Jerry Springer, because there just ARE NOT that many idiots around. Virtually all people who believe in the old time gospel of racial separation are just normal loving, kind, Christians – just like the people you go to church with. Some of them may wish to support an organization with the same beliefs so they might join The Knights. Still, however, they’re simply nice people, probably like you.

The media has led the public to believe there are vile disgusting racists lurking around the corner always looking for a black man or a gay man or Jewish woman to beat up and terrorize. The fact is it just doesn’t happen very often so when it does it hits the news big time.

But on the other hand, black on black crime is an epidemic and hundreds of thousands of whites are victimized by minorities each year. Are we to believe race has nothing to do with these crimes?

Yes, the leftist controlled media and legislatures work overtime building the Klan and other similar type groups out to be monsters, then prey on paranoid minority and homosexual groups who in turn pay the politicians off with lobbying funds for protection. It sure sounds like a racket to me. The whole time the actual intended victims in the end are the hardworking Bible believing white Christians of America. Of course, go to any country in the world founded by white people and the same thing is happening. Yes, hate crime legislation is definitely Satan’s spawn.

Good news, however. We strongly believe that as the holy Bible says, the tools of the devil will be used by God against him and his followers. These fool hardy leftists are setting legal precedents nationwide that will one day be used to put an end to their scheming, exploitation, and victimization.

Hate crime legislation may begin as foe, but thank God we are promised ultimate victory. It might be that hate crime legislation turns out to be one of our best friends!