Thecla –founded a teaching center and hospital near Seleucia (the port of Syrian Antiock from which Paul embarked on his first missionary journey), which remained in active use for 1,000 years.

Catherine of Alexandria, the patron saint of scholars and philosophers, lived in the second century. She debated 50 philosophers and won them to Christ, for which she was martyred on the wheel.

Marcella (325-410) established the first convent for women in the Western Church . Jerome taught the Bible to the women of Rome in her oratory.

Brigid of Ireland (450-523) founded Irelands’ first women’s Christian nunnery and was a missionary to the people.

Hilda, the Saxon queen of Whitby (614-680), founded an English monastery that trained five bishops and she was sought by statesmen for advise.

Lioba(700-780) helped her cousin Boniface, the apostle to the Germans, to convert the Saxons, She was a ruler, teacher, and expositor.

Anna Comnena (1083-1150), daughter of Byzantine Emperor Alexius I, wrote the most detailed history of the Church of her time.

Teenage Joan of Arc (1412-1431) declared she had heard from God and he had told her to lead the besieged French forces to victory against England during the latter part of the hundred Year War. She did lead them to victory and peace was restored, but was later captured and burned at the stake for heresy.

Queen Isabella of Spain ( 1451-1504) transformed the nation from one of poverty to one of prosperity and restored Christianity to the land when she expelled everyone who practiced Judaism from Spain. She sent and financed Columbus to the new world.

Victtoria Colonna (1490-1547), one of the greatest spirits of the Italian Renaissance, increased Michelangelo’s faith and inspired the great artist with an ideal of womanhood. Together, they worked for reform within the Church, she with her pen and he with his chisel. She is the first woman in history to use her talents to write religious verse.

Katherine Von Bora (1499-1552) the wife of Martin Luther. She worked along side him, encouraged him, and helped him… a wonderful wife and mother.

Anne Hutchinson (1591-1643) arrived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634. Mother to 16 children, she also become the first woman preacher in New England.

Madam Guyon of France (1648-1717) influenced Catholics and Protestants throughout Europe during her eight-year apostolic pilgrimage through France and Switzerland. Imprisoned in the Bastille for her beliefs, she wrote 40 books, including a 20-volume commentary on the Bible.

Selina(1707-1791), Countess of Huntingdon and a revivalist, founded the evangelical branch known as Lady Huntingdon’s Connexion, and inspired early Methodist leaders John and Charles Wesley and George Whitefield. She sponsored 60 chapels in the British Isles, financed a seminary for ministers, and aided in the establishment of missions in Georgia.

Elizabeth Dilling was born in Chicago on April 19, 1894, the daughter of a surgeon. Dilling was a beautiful and gifted woman. A world traveler, she was transformed after visiting the Soviet Union in 1931. She found ill-clothed, impoverished people decimated by disease and genocide. Six year-old children, naked to the waist, begged for cigarettes. Shelves in stores were half-empty and goods were for display only. The roads were rutted and the houses were dingy and she could smell the stench. Women did heavy work, such as carrying stones to build a subway. She saw state-run orphanages and child-care centers, collective kitchens, and abortion. The women of the soviet Union faced utter chaos, harassment, grueling work, and their families being raised by the government in centers.

She found Communism to be frightening. She realized its aftermath. The Soviet Jews tore down Russian churches and made it unlawful to practice Christianity. It infuriated her. “You may hate Him all you like. I love Him. I cannot talk here, but if I ever get out of her I will talk.” and she did.

Pacifism was not for Dilling. She wholeheartedly believed Jesus had commanded Christians to fight infidels, quoting Matt. 10:34: “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth, I come not send peace, but a sword.

Knowing the Jewish roots of Communism. She was horrified to learn of an interfaith dinner at a synagogue in her area between Christians and Jews.

She became known as an expert on Communism. She spoke to huge audiences numbering in the thousands and did extensive research on Communism and Jewish links. She founded numerous organizations with millions of members, wrote books exposing Communists in the U.S. ( millions of copies were sold including to the FBI, the New York and Chicago police departments, and the Pinkerton Detective Agency). She spoke at Republican conventions, Veterans conventions. She spoke on radio, met with Senators and Congressmen and was backed by such men as Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh,G.L. Smith, George Robot, Charles Hudson, and Joseph Kamp. In her elderly years she kept busy writing and lecturing. She never ceased in working to expose Communism and considered the Vietnam War a plot to divert American resources abroad and facilitate a socialist rebellion in the United States. She blasted LBJ for committing troops to fight in Vietnam without a declaration war and fought against integration.

Frances Sherrill, Mary Sheldon, and Mary Ireland founded the National Legion of Mothers of America. They opposed globalism and Communism. The Molly Pitcher chapters were an offshoot with thousands of members nationwide, who learned self-defense and took rifle training to protect their homes against Communists.

Catherine Curtis, a college educated woman in the 20’s and 30’s hosted a twice-weekly program on WMCA radio station in New York City called Women and Money. Using her program to promote her concept of feminism, she espoused women’s financial independence and legal equality. For women, knowledge of finance “is as important as a knowledge of home economics.” She created Women Investors in America in May 1935 with over three hundred thousand women in twenty eight states. She gave financial seminars for women, issued financial reports, and wrote books including Women and money, Women and Taxes, and Women and Utilities. She published a weekly newspaper, Woman Courageous, disseminated financial statistics, and helped large corporations break down their lists of stockholders to determine how much stock was owned by women. She believed that women’s economic independence was vital in the fight against communism. Curtis said. “It is the women who guard the family pocket book and the women have decided to guard the nation’s pocket book.”

She lobbied Congress and testified against the Wealth Tax bill of 1935, claiming it would mean a lower standard of living for the wives and children of deceased men; that taxation inheritances discriminated against women, etc. She went up against the Rhodes, Carnage and Rockefeller foundations who she said supported Communism and its infant one world order and international banking system.

Josephine Mahler founded the Mothers of Sons Forum. They picketed, held demonstrations, rallies, and published newspapers all working to fight the spread of Communism and its goal of integration. She testified before the House Military Affairs Committee, in opposition to a bill to extend the term of enlistment of draftees for one more year or indefinitely if a national emergency was declared.

Beatrice Knowles, about forty-two in 1945, was active in nationalist circles. She is described as a vibrant woman with charisma, who had been a model and worked as a purchasing agent for one of the largest coal companies operating in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. She testified before various congressional committees. She fought proposals to draft men and women for war labor. G.L. Smith a presidential candidate and editor of the Cross and the Flag said of Knowles “a student of the world government conspiracy..perhaps no one is better informed on world-government propaganda than Mrs. Knowls.

Bessie Simon, was the executive secretary of Peace Now founded in 1943. Holding a Ph.D from Yale University, she traveled all over the nation organizing women to fight Communism and the new world order system which she believed would destroy America and the family institution by the end of the century. She worked with officials of the America First Committee, including Charles Lindbergh. and conferred with senators and congressmen and was instrumental in getting Peace Now’s suppositions in the Congressional Record.

Agnes Waters was the most outspoken lecturer in the 40’s and kept a high profile in Washington D.C. where she appeared before congressional committees speaking out against bills that supported communism including selective service, Lend Lease, extension of enlistments of servicemen and the UN charter. Christianity and patriotism were inseparable, she believed. It was God’s will that the United States be saved from Communists, globalists, and integrationists.

Eva Peron-She was a young white peasant girl in Argentina who grew up and married the President. Through her public influence she led an historical political revolution. She gave refuge to thousands of German refugee families after WW2. She dealt severely with the bankers and the death grip they held upon her nation which brought on prosperity they had not experienced before. She took her assistance to the streets giving food, clothing, and medicine directly to the poor which was nearly everyone. Soup kitchens were built and hospitals reopened to the people. She was a remarkable woman and powerful orator drawing crowds of thousands to hear her ideas. She died of cancer while still in her thirties. Over 100 thousand mourners lined the streets as her casket was taken to its final resting place.(Note: Hollywood disgraced this Christian woman’s reputation by having Madonna play the part of Evita in a recent movie. Futhermore the movie was filled with lies as they attempted to portray Evita as leading a corrupt lifestyle-nothing was further from the truth for this modern Christian heroine)

Madge Britton-She was a fiery speaker who spoke to tent crowds up until her death in the late eighties when she was in her eighties herself. A good friend of Pastor Robb, this woman was active throughout the nation speaking out against integration, abortion, homosexuality, and globalism. She published a newsletter about the corruption in government which went to patriots throughout the world. This woman had a ministry and taught the Bible over a period of sixty years – a brave woman who gave her all to the movement.

Fannie Nevers-This fascinating woman taught theology at the Soldiers of the Cross Bible Institute in Evergreen, Colorado where Pastor Robb received his ordination. After leaving the college to return to her home state of Texas this woman had a congregation of over 600 until her death a few years ago. She was an articulate spokeswoman in opposition to racemixing, homosexuality, globalism, abortion, and illegal immigration.

Kathy Ainsworth-Mrs. Ainsworth, age 26, a Klan supporter and pregnant with her first child, was lured to her death in a trap set up by the Anti Jewish Defamation League. Kathy was a popular grade school teacher in Jackson, Mississippi who had been giving information to the Klan which she would receive from intergation activists. She desperately wanted to keep Mississippi from falling into the hands of Communist Negroes. She knew it would mean the end to the prosperity and peacefulness Mississippi had once enjoyed. Two “plants” inside the Klan informed the ADL chief A.I. Botnick of her work. The trap was set and she was driven to the home of Meyer Davidson, a Jewish civil rights agitator where as soon as the two “agents” got out of the car Meridian police immediately began shooting into the car. Kathy and her unborn child were dead. She lies buried in a cemetery at Magee, Miss. There were never any charges filed or trial. She died a martyr. (Note: This information is verified in Jack Nelson’s book, “Terror in the Night.” He is a Pulitzer prize winning reporter and a panelist on the Washington Week TV show.)

Anita Bryant-She was one of the first Christian crusaders in America to begin battling the homosexual movement when she founded the “Save our Children” organization in 1977 as a young woman. She was a famous spokeswoman for the Florida Orange Juice growers and beautiful model who was known throughout the nation. In Dade County Florida (Miami) the city had attempted to pass laws to recognize homosexuals as a specially protected class. Anita spoke at hundreds of Christian revivals, appeared on talk shows and the news programs around the nation to denounce this new law. Thanks to her hard work, it was successfully overturned. However, she did lose her work contracts as model and spokeswoman, due to the heavy backing of the homosexual movement from the corporate world. Note: Sadly the law was just reversed recently, by the Dade County Commissioners, giving special protections to homosexuals once again.The Christians of America have let down their guard. It started with racemixing and now its homosexuality.

Mary Bacon-She was a beautiful model for Mabeline in the late seventies and the first professional female jockey ever. She put it all on the line when she gave her public testimony before a crowd of thousands at a Knights’ rally in Louisiana when David Duke was director. An intelligent, graceful and stunning woman who had high standards, it was her hope to touch the hearts of her white brothers and sisters with a plea to join the noble cause. She received scorn by the homosexual influence in the fashion world and the corporate businessmen of the racing world shunned her. However, through her articulate words and warm smile, she brought hundreds to Christ that night and many more recommitted themselves to the struggle we face – an example to us all.

Clare Boothe Luce 1903-1987   Mrs. Luce was a leader in the free world’s opposition to communism, an outspoken advocate of free enterprise, and a woman devoted to her family.   She came under the same kind of attack from liberals and feminists of her day that modern women encounter today when they are successful without espousing feminist ideas.

    Mrs. Luce was the editor of Vanity Fair, an award-winning playwright, a prolific author, a foreign and domestic journalist, a Congresswoman from Connecticut, the American Ambassador to Italy, a widely admired conservative leader, as well as a loving wife and mother.

    Mrs. Luce is thought by many to have been the most influential woman in both modern American history and the American conservative movement.  Born just three years after the turn of the century, her astounding personal and public accomplishments made it natural that the title “The Woman of the Century” was bestowed upon her after her death.


Eileen Mott

Born in Scotland in 1910, Mrs. Mott came to Canada as a child and learned the Israel Truth from her father when she was thirteen. She is a past president of British-Israel-World Federation, Regina and came to Vancouver in 1952 to work in our bookstore. During her fifty years with the Association, she served as editor of Thy Kingdom Come, as a contributing writer and for the last number of years before her retirement in 2002; she was Chairman of the Board of the Association and Manager of the Bookstore and Office.

Holly Mills

Holly has known of the Israel message since youth but became really immersed over the past few years. She was involved in the airline industry for many years but has always found time for charitable pursuits. She is co-editor of Thy Kingdom Come and a recent Board Member of The Association of the Covenant People. She hosted an Israel Truth Bible study for three years and in late 2002 began writing for the magazine.

Gerda Marie Koch (1903-1994)

Gerda Marie Koch was born April 8, 1903 in Greenville, Wisconsin to a family of traditional German immigrants, who helped open “The Wilderness” and establish Christian civilization on these shores.

Gerda’s entire life was devoted to Christian education for, as she believed, one could not attain true knowledge without the underpinning of Christian Faith. She taught at the Lutheran school in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin in 1920, and graduated in 1922 from Dr. Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota. Gerda later attended Moody Bible Institute, graduating in 1936, subsequently teaching in numerous Wisconsin and Minnesota public schools. Gerda also earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Milwaukee State Teacher’s College, which later became the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

In the late 1950’s, after the late Senator Joseph McCarthy had exposed numerous Communist and their sympathizers in the State Department (and elsewhere) with the House Un-American Afairs Committee (HUAC), Gerda was surprised to learn Socialists were still being invited to speak in public schools, promoting secular humanism, a default religion which undermines Christianity. One in particular, the negro Carl Rowan (an apologist for Gunnar Myrdal), addressed the PTA where she worked. After bringing the matter to the attention of Arthur J. Lewis, Assistant Superintendant of the Minneapolis public schools, Gerda found herself under pressure, and was subsequently fired.

Believing a Christian nation is entitled to a Christian administration and non-sectarian Christian education, Gerda began investigating anti-Christianism in the public school system, and founded Christian Research in 1958 as a vehicle for this investigation, also publishing a newsletter, Facts For Action, which is still in circulation today. In collaboration with educator Verne Kaub, Gerda authored the book, Federal Aid: Trap for the Unwary.

In the 1960’s Gerda’s outspokenness was (temporarily) challenged by a libel suit filed by then University of Minnesota professor Arnold Rose, whom she identified as a Communist collaborator with Swedish Socialist Gunnar Myrdal, author of the tome on race relations, An American Dilemma. Having lost in a lower court, Gerda won on appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court, after which Mr. Rose died. Gerda later was a candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s 5th District.

After working with Sheldon Emry (founder of America’s Promise) on his book, Billions For Bankers, Debts For the People, Gerda moved south to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, a quaint tourist town, home to the Great Passion Play founded by the late Gerald L.K. Smith, where she continued the work of Christian Research, managing book tables at numerous area fairs and conventions.

Gerda Koch passed this life’s Bar Exam on July 5, 1994, at the age of 91.