School Teacher sees hope in The Knights

Dear Pastor Robb,

I am a 64-year-old widow in Dallas, Texas and I have been teaching school since my early twenties. I cannot begin to tell you the changes I have witnessed over the years. When I first began my teaching career I embarked on it with enthusiasm. Children were a pleasure to teach. Their Christian upbringing, manners, and readiness to learn were clearly visible. The school board, administrators, and other teachers worked hard to instill sound morals and ethics into the classroom framework. I remember how the youngsters would delight in the weekly appearance of “the Bible ladies” who would lead the children in song, pass out a Bible verse to memorize, and tell a short Bible story.

On one hand I am glad I am about to retire. They have replaced “the Bible ladies” with sex education, pink triangles, and homosexual sensitivity training. Lesbian and Homosexual teachers are recruited. A surprise to many, anti-white hostility runs rampant even in the younger grades. Little white girls aren’t just worried about getting their pigtails pulled – at a tender age they are daily affronted by lewd sexual innuendoes from young Negro boys. Curriculum is dumbed down to help the minorities look better on paper.

But as my career reaches closure, I worry about those who will replace me. Will there be anyone there to keep their eye on these little ones. Will there be anyone in the teacher’s lounge trying to extol the virtues of Christianity. What will become of them when I am gone?

I don’t know how many widowed schoolteachers you have in The Knights. But I know you will have at least one. I don’t know what I can do, but I do know that I can support The Knights. A few years ago, membership in The Knights would have seemed like a radical solution, but in light of the times, I now see it as the only solution.

Please accept my application. I look forward to completing my educational requirements and becoming a Knight. I pray for you and the good people of The Knights and thank you all for the work you do to preserve and protect white Christian civilization. Sincerely yours, Doris

Dear Rev. Robb,

Hello, my name is Rick and I am a manger for a restaurant here in Mason City Iowa. I m 26 years old.

I used to make a living in Colorado. I remember in 1989 I saw you speak in Denver on the Capital Steps on Martin Luther King Day. I was only 13. My heart swelled with pride watching you speaks without hesitation while the black hoard attempted to shout you down. As I’m sure you remember that day ended in a riot. They really hated your message of white pride.

It is my wish to become a Klansman. I am a firm believer in Kingdom Identity. I also believe to be a Knight is the highest honor a white man can achieve. Please send me the necessary paperwork so I can get started at last. Thank you for the inspiration so long ago. I’ll now take my place to fight for my white brothers and sisters.

For God, Race, and Nation – Rick

Mason City, Iowa

Dear Pastor Robb and Mrs. Pendergraft,

I just received my Knighthood certificate and I am so pleased to have attained this honorable rank. A friend and I joined at the same time, but I joined The Knights and he joined another group. He didn’t want to do tape reports or book reports or take a test. But I thought that if I’m going to make this a lifetime commitment then I should prepare my self. I like the way The Knights operates. My friend got offered a state position after only a few months. Of course I was still working for Knighthood.

It has been a year now since I joined. My friend quit his group after only about 6 months. I think he mostly spent time in chartrooms with other Klansmen gossiping. While he was doing that. I was listening to your tapes, which I thought were excellent. It made me proud to be able to pass around the slick looking Page album to people I knew. Some of my family who thought I was crazy listened to the tapes and while they aren’t ready to sign up, they did at least begin questioning what the media says about racial issues. I learned a lot and it really helped me focus on my new mission in life.

The books that you picked for my Squire studies really opened my eyes. I read so much about my racial heritage. I had no idea. The book on money really explained why the politicians act the way they do. It is so simple that it’s hard to believe more don’t know about it. The Federal reserve – a private bank? Who knew? My other book was about the Biblical basis for immigration control. I always new it was needed, but didn’t know the Bible spoke on the issue. My last book by Cristina Dickey, Bible and Segregation again provided Biblical back up for our separationist beliefs.

This has been a great year. I have learned so much from the tapes, books, Crusaders, Internet shows, videos, and the many questions I have had answered in e-mail.

I really feel that I am now an asset to our cause. I can discuss important issues with people and back them up with knowledge. My friend just gets flustered or mad when others disagree with him and ends up telling a racial joke instead. He gets no respect. But I find that even if people disagree with me, I feel I can intelligently debate on behalf of our cause.

Thank you so much for everything and for all of the work everyone at HQ has done this past year to help me become a Knight. It was definitely worth it. I really want to concentrate on distributing literature now and as suggested by HQ have started collecting addresses and fax numbers of local leaders and officials to receive Knights leaflets on a regular basis. And the media too. Please send me some activity report forms.

Again, thank you and God bless you all and all the members of The Knights. You are the best!

Lance – NY, NY

Impressed with Congress

Dear HQ Staff:

I must say I was very impressed with Congress as a whole. I was made to feel welcome and part of an ever-growing Christian Family. The food was excellent, the fellowship was first-rate and the total learning experiences were nothing short of magnificent. Without National Headquarters, none of this could have happened Give yourselves a big pat on the back. I will give you all a big hug when I see you in Pulaski.

I arrived on Friday not really knowing what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when Pastor Robb got up and shook my hand and then he introduced me to Richard Hensley. From there things just got better. Folks were very friendly and went out of their way to make me feel welcome. I could tell it was going to be a wonderful weekend.

All of us then went inside for the evening’s activities where we had the pleasure of listening to the angelic voices of Charity and Shelby Pendergraft. I also toured the National Headquarters. It was extremely interesting to see where all the”magic” happens. If you are not aware of all the good work that goes on at national, then shame on you. Jason and Sara did a superb job as our tour guide. I ask all of you at National to keep making the tour a part of Congress.

I met more people from Indiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Wyoming, and Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Washington, and California. I met people from so many different places – that there is no way I can remember all the names. However, one thing was evident from all the folks I did meet; we all loved the white Race and Jesus Christ.

Once again, the meal just tickled the taste buds! Muriel Robb did an amazing job wrangling the kitchen cowpokes and making all those delicious meals. After dinner, we listened to some good ol’ guitar pickin’ by Daniel who was accompanied by his lovely wife and beautiful children. It was stirring to hear their testimony and see how important God continues to be in their family’s life.

The auction that followed dinner was fantastic. Nathan and Mark were a hoot as the auctioneers. Some of the items were unique. I can kick myself now for not bidding on several of them. My loss. Like the old saying,”you snooze you lose.” Since the next day would be a big one for me, I chose to miss the bonfire, go, and get some rest. I’m sure I missed some fantastic fellowship.

Sunday will be a day I will never forget. The pancakes looked scrumptious, but I was too nervous to eat. My naturalization interview was today. I spent most of the time clutching my Bible to my chest hoping I wasn’t shaking too badly. To say I was nervous would have been an understatement! I alternated between reading the 23rde Psalm and praying. I prayed that God would give me the right words. I also prayed that God would not let me say anything stupid. After reading and praying, I felt that I was where He wanted me to be and I was doing what He wanted me to do. I was comforted.

Mike came up to me and asked me to follow him for a few minutes. This was it – No turning back! But, I was not alone. The Naturalization Committee, as I soon discovered, was my friend, brothers and sisters, and God was with me the whole way! It appears that God gave me the right words. It is no secret what God can do!

After my interview, we had a traditional Sunday morning service. We sang hymns at church that I have not sung for years. I felt that God was present in the music, in the fellowship, and in Pastor Robb’s words, there has and will continue to be people who have left their “footprint” on my life. I hope that through the Global Minority Report we will be able to make our own “footprints” on white Christians throughout the world. With God, all things are possible. Just have faith!

After church, Pastor Robb gave me a personal invitation to come to church on the 1st Sunday of each month. I am looking forward to attending when I can.

I really enjoyed speaking with Rachel Pendergraft, our national membership coordinator. She was really interested in everything I had to say and she was very knowledgeable on many different subjects. She is an excellent speaker – inspirational and articulate.

Later Sunday evening, we had dinner. Of course, the hall had to be set up for the banquet. Muriel ordered everyone out (in a nice Christian way of course) until dinnertime. Everyone enjoyed a few minutes of fellowship outside on the large beautiful veranda of the White Christian Revival Center while the kitchen crew spruced up the inner hall even more than it had already been. The BBQ was ambrosia. It was worth the wait.

The naturalization ceremony that followed almost brought tears to my eye. Taking the oath was one of the most solemn and spiritual moments in my life. How better to dedicate myself to God, Race and brethren than before the lighted Cross of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Several of my brothers and sisters received recognition for outstanding service. The awards were well deserved and certainly earned. A group of recipients received an award for handing out collectively upwards of 90,000 pieces of literature. The truth is getting out. A White Christian Revival is on the horizon. Triumph we must for our cause is just!

The highlight of the evening was the Cross Lighting. I was proud to wear my robe as a personal symbol of humility and anonymity as did all my brothers and Sisters. The light of Jesus Christ went out to the world. It was awe-inspiring when Pastor Robb uttered,”In the name of God . . . Let There Be Light.” Greater fellowship cannot be had this side of Heaven.

See you next year, it’s the 50th anniversary . . . It will be a humdinger! Dane N. Kansas Knight