You Have a Right to Know!
In 1977 Coretta Scott King was able to get a federal court order that sealed the FBI file(ordered by Bobby Kennedy) on Martin Luther King Jr. until the year 2027. Many people contend that there is important information within this sealed file that should be made available to the public.

Very few people have been able to see this file and the public is left in the dark as to much of the true nature of King and his associations.

The court says that the information in the file is of little importance, yet others claim that if that is indeed true, then why withhold this information from the public.

In 1986, the nation observed the first Martin Luther King National Holiday, yet many question whether King is worthy of such an honor, especially when considering the whole story of King is kept in secrecy.

At least the Media
Even if the contention of the federal court is true, the decision to barricade the King file from the media is a glaring attempt to control the media, public information and restrict members of the media from exercising its constitutionally protected right to freedom of the press.

While the federal court may feel that its decision to prevent the public from obtaining the king file is in the best interest of the nation, the members of the media should at least be allowed to have access to this important information. To deny reporters, researchers, or biographers from viewing the king file is a vagrant obstruction of the first amendment. There is no reason that justifies censuring the King file from the media.

If King was a noble warrior of civil rights, as we have been told, then certainly nothing in the file would be able to tarnish this image. However, if King did indeed have a dark side to his character and his cause, that would reveal him to be less than a noble individual, then members of the media and the public should be allowed to review his hidden and secret file and indeed it would be their duty to do so.