By Randy G.

When elections are getting closer we start to see the negative advertisements and for the most part its war. We hear about all the bad things supposedly the other candidate has been done. We see signs bearing the candidates names all over town. People will often receive hats, shirts, buttons, key chains, or even bumper stickers. As far as the pretty gifts the politicians can keep all their stuff I’m not interested in selling out for some heap gift. I want someone too will stand for what is best for the United States of America, my fellow white brothers and sisters world white, and Jour lord Jesus Christ.

All to often we hear about all the promises and the great things that they want to do. Are these things best for our Lord? Or are they just trying to please some organization for more votes.

We the People of the Unites States should be very concerned about whose running our country. We are supposed to be able to trust these people sent to Washington. We need to start examining people’s roots not their fruit. We should never vote to get something out of it but should vote for what is best for our Lord and our nation.

People should learn to put God first be fore selfish pleasures. Politicians raise and spend a lot of money on their well-planned campaign trails running for office. We need sincere Christian men and women running for office and not career politicians seeking name recognition or a pay back.