Genocide is the planned extermination of a people. Genocide may sound too extreme to be applied to what is happening to white people. However, social engineers have in fact orchestrated the demise of white people. It is being done through the manipulation of political, educational, business, and entertainment leaders. The process is slow, but intended to be thorough and lasting. Ironically, many of these “social engineers” are actually white themselves. They are betraying their own people out of a sense of self hatred and reward.

Statistics and the signs of the times clearly show that by this century’s end, white people will not only be a minority race in the United States but a minority that will be in the midst of a genocide.

Besides millions of Negroes that live in the United States now, we have millions immigrating annually. “Euro-whites, who were the majority 90% of the US population in 1950, will be in 2050 only 50% of the population.” By the end of this century America will be brown with Asians, non-white Hispanics, and Negroes. Oh, yes and a sprinkling of whites here and there.

The coming white genocide has already started and is in its first stages. Whites today in record numbers are leaving areas that non-whites are filling up. The state of California is a prime example. White flight is nothing more than ethnic cleansing of Euro-whites. Violence and discrimination against whites in the large cities are forcing them to hand over America’s metropolitan areas and many smaller areas as well to non-whites.

Soon America will be Brown – will whites be treated as humanely by nonwhites as whites have treated them?

The discrimination and violence perpetrated against whites in America is accomplished through the mindset Americans are being lulled into which is that white people are just parasites on the world and if there wasn’t any such thing as “whiteness” ahh the world would be so much nicer. This is why it is so important for them to destroy white culture and heritage and to malign our heroes and ideas in our schools and universities. The book “Hating White” documents widespread anti white speech by professors in classrooms across America openly smearing whites as the scourge of mankind.

Evidence points that the non-whites in America today, mainly the Negro and the massive Hispanic population are very much anti-white. The Negroes of today suffer from Victim Based identity.

In short it means the Negroes since birth are taught they are the victims of the white race and they must overcome this by any means.

The non-white Hispanics believe they have a historic grievance against the United States. They believe we robbed their country of half its land when Mexico was young and weak.

An example of white genocide is the small country of Zimbabwe in Southern Africa. There are 200,000 whites compared to about 12 million blacks, and the leader of the country is a Negro. The violence against whites is coming close to catastrophic. This is an accurate example of what will happen when blacks outnumber whites.

The genocide against our race will take many decades, but the time is steadily becoming short. And this genocide is not based on geography, but race. It is a world wide phenomena

Whites will be faced with crime rates never seen before in history, in some places mass killings, arrests and displacement, will most likely happen. We will be turned into a weak and compliant slave minority. Our people are coming under judgment from God because they refuse to follow his laws on a national scale.

The truth however, is that this genocide can be stopped from happening, but whites have to come to terms with the invasion against them. Whites need to be educated, most don’t even realize what is happening to them. We need to be committed to preserving our families and our race and to follow examples such as The Knights Party.

We will need to take strong political action in whatever way we are able at this time. We must present ourselves in a responsible strong professional and caring manner. We must do it now. Our faith demands it. We must remember that though we face slavery by the next century, the Bible tells us that for the sake of the Saints the time will be cut short. Fight on behalf of those who don’t even know they need help, ask for guidance from Christ. The destruction of our people will be cut short for our sake.