Julie – Klanswoman NY

We feel compassion and that’s great. We’re suppose to. As long as we don’t hurt others, sin against God, or misuse our natural compassion, we are free to do as we please. That is what I believe in. But somewhere along the line as white women (and men), we are always faced with the so-called opportunity to compromise. Maybe some women will think that it’s not too bad if they date or go out with non-white “Christians”. After all, the preacher man says that it is the right choice and God wants it that way. By dating a non-white “Christian”, I can prove I’m not an evil racist and my church friends will be proud of me for bringing the races closer together. This is what many white women (and men) are thinking to themselves and furthermore are being told by church leaders. White men race mix because it seems exciting or exotic. White women usually date non-whites, because of the compassion factor.

It takes courage to hold on to your beliefs and to behave in a Knightly manner. When I see that the federal government is funding and subsidizing thousands of programs, not to mention the billions of dollars in foreign aid to bail out Latin American, African, and Asian countries, and in particular, the state of Israel, I think: what is going on in this country. Is there even going to be an America left in twenty or thirty years? Or will it just be a name on a map with a few white people living in virtual slave status. Will we just be pawns in the hands of the one world government?

I thank God I have had my eyes opened. I know it’s not too late for America to be reborn.

In the mean time, there are people here in America who are being displaced, who are losing their jobs and careers to non-white legal and illegal immigrants; not to mention the unjustified use of affirmative action. Through manipulative social programs, we are forced to integrate. We are used to fund our own demise.

I have come to realize that as whites and Christians at that, we always feel the need to compromise and give in. This is wrong and is unchristian. A true Christian does not compromise with evil or feel sorry for it. As a white Christian woman, I have made it my mission to take a stand for our people. I hope one day that I will be a wife and a mother and I will then be able to pass this on to my own children. It will take strength of character, intelligent forethought, consistency and boldness of spirit, but then this is the least that we should require of ourselves.

The greatest thing we can give our children is the desire and the will to fight for their race, faith, and nation. They are the ones who make my heart ache when I think of the destruction they face. I must put aside any fear of what “society” may think and be strong for my future children and the children of my racial family. They are truly worthy of my compassion!