White Christian women in today’s society face a unique problem. They are barraged with feminist organizations on the left which encourage abortion, racemixing, and lesbianism. The so-called spokeswomen for these organizations seldom have any day to day experience with raising families, trying to make ends meet, or living a moral lifestyle.

Yet, from out of most churches, white women are given a green light to race mix and confront hostility when they seek to train their children in the manner of the old time gospel of racial separation. Some women who dare to speak out in opposition to the betrayal of the churches face hostility from men who refuse to recognize their right to protect their families from the tyranny of the federal government.

Women have always played a part in the building of nations, of the rearing of future leaders, and of the founding of ideas. God made women with a distinctiveness, an intuitiveness, a sensitivity to the needs of others and has always worked through them.

No intelligent white man or woman would ever deny the physical, biological and chemical differences between the two sexes. Women are naturally not geared toward brute strength, although there are always exceptions. And generally, men are not able to replace the special bond of a mother and her child. But white men and women are definitely equal in regard to the future destruction they face

The invasion of ancient Rome by occult Judaism, has perpetuated some of the worst stereotypes of women. The inclusion of Judaism into the Christian religion has helped to keep men and women at odds with each other. True Christianity recognizes the many gifts women have. Judeo-Christianity seeks to keep women in a state of submission.

Judaism has poisoned the Christian churches of America. The attack on Christian women through the falsifying and misinterpretation of scripture by rabbis exists even up until today. Hasidic and Orthodox Judaism, are the most ridiculous attitudes ever put to paper about women. Simply travel to New York City, or any large American city, and visit a Hasidic Jew or hard-line Orthodox Jew neighborhood; or read the book Hole in the Sheet, written by a Jewish woman, about the sick and perverted treatment of their women by Jewish men.

These attitudes regarding women were the first of many bad influences Judaism has had on White European and American civilization. For example, black men received the right to vote before white women. Even today white women are put at the same level as the non-whites, in civil “wrongs” legislation, such as Affirmative Action programs. The same Jewish teachings in the churches which promotes race mixing, which is now almost condoning homosexuality, also has sought to keep white women from exercising their intelligent perception of the evils of society.

The Knights believes that an equal amount of women are concerned over our racial status and the oppression of their racial family. Many women put the men to shame, in their work and in their sacrifices, for the benefit of the white race.

There are still millions of white women who oppose secular humanism, who oppose abortion, who oppose homosexuality, who oppose the concepts of globalism, who oppose the immoral education their children are receiving, who oppose the confiscation of the 2nd Amendment, who oppose the heavy tax burden due to ghetto welfare programs, who oppose the filth coming out of Hollywood and the entertainment industry and who oppose the anti-white propaganda forced upon them day after day. We need strong, intelligent, God fearing white women who won’t take a back seat to the corruption which exists today. We need white women to stand up and be the heroines God intended them to be.