The fertility researchers who produced the world’s first genetically altered babies failed to mention the full extent of their experimentation.

Researchers in New Jersey recently produced babies with the DNA from one dad and two moms. The goal, they said, was to help infertile couples. What they failed to mention was that two of 17 fetuses they produced had Turner’s Syndrome — a
chromosomal disorder that usually only affects one in 2,500 people. One was aborted, the other miscarried.

“The idea that you would sacrifice human beings on the way to creating the child that you want is absolutely reprehensible,” said bioethicist Dr. Ben Mitchell, of the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity.

Mitchell said science is outstripping the law and even healthy discussion.

“Couples have to begin to rethink why they want children, and what are acceptable and what are unacceptable means to having children,” Mitchell said.

Dr. Brad Beck, with Focus on the Family, agreed, adding that the researchers in question have lost sight of the value of human life.

“There are actually several human beings involved here that the researchers are basically ignoring, to get the one or two that they feel like the parents want or are the best genetic specimens,” Beck said. “As far as I’m concerned, their life is just as precious as the individual who was wanted and desired and genetically manipulated so that it would be a son or daughter for a couple.”

Beck said couples need to be made clearly aware when fertility techniques result in tiny humans being tossed aside.