National Director Thomas Robb was “attacked” recently via an internet newsletter for appearing in a photograph with a black journalist. Other individuals appeared in similar photographs with the reporter who was writing a book on the racialist movement.

The book is a very poorly written account of a black man’s venture into the Ku Klux Klan, which in itself is ridiculous as all one has to do to “venture” into the Ku Klux Klan is pick up the telephone. No big mystery. He interviews various ‘leaders’ who have never been heard of by those actually in the Klan and includes a few photographs with well known racialist leaders to lend the book credibility.

But aside from the fact that the book is a poor representation of the racialist movement and those involved, it is still just a book. Who cares if a black man has his photograph taken with a white man or even the leader of the Ku Klux Klan. Many Southern generals carried their trusted black servants with them into war as did Nathan Bedford Forrest. He wasn’t concerned about such petty trivialities. A picture with a black reporter – so what. How many in the racialist movement refuse to interact with a black man or woman in an occupational setting – none. Should we refuse to pay for our gas because the attendant is black, or order our food because the waitress is black, or pay the ticket because the patrolman is black, or accept medical care because the paramedic is black – of course not – how absurd.

We are NOT bigots or haters!

Nathan Bedford Forrest was concerned about securing a future for his people. He was filled with intense love and compassion for his family and his nation. He wasn’t consumed by hatred for the black man and woman. He realized that they were simple pawns being used by the federal agents of that time. A deeply religious man, he also felt secure in the knowledge that Jesus Christ had placed each one of his creations on Earth to fulfill a purpose.

The Ku Klux Klan led by Nathan Bedford Forrest was not the enemy of the black man and Pastor Robb and The Knights is not the enemy of the black man.

We believe in self-determination for all people. We believe that the best minds of all people should work together for the advancement and development of their own people without being hindered by another racial group. The Bible commands us to respect the boundaries of every nation and race to insure world wide peace and harmony.

No, we are not the enemies of the black man, the brown man, the red man, or the yellow man. Rather it is those who attempt to artificially force the different races together who are the enemies of all. The stupidity of those who cry “diversity, diversity” and then turn around and cry “thou shall integrate” is becoming more evident each and every day. They themselves just can’t see the obvious.

However, while the social engineers, are busy at work wreaking havoc on America’s social fabric, the common man and woman are restless. It is becoming apparent that the muddleheaded social do-gooders have taken over the Republican and Democratic Parties. Many continue to claim faith in their party, but their mind is full of doubt.

From the 5th generation farmer in Nebraska who is sick about the homosexual direction of the Democrats to the young mother in New Jersey who worries about the one world agenda of the Republicans, Americans are stirring and they are looking.

What will they find in their quest -hope or oppression? Will they end up empty in their search? The answer lies within us – those who really care about them and their families. We can either turn our backs on them, by essentially doing nothing or we can sound an alarm.

Our nation is at the cross roads and if our people are to persevere, they must do so on the positive merits of love for our own, not hatred for others. As Pastor Robb has said on many occasions. ‘We don’t hate anyone, but we do love our faith and our people.”

The Knights Party is a love group and through the unity of our people and by the guidance of Jesus Christ WILL be successful in bringing about a return of liberty and freedom for white Christian America.