There is little doubt that the vast majority of people are saddened by the senseless and violent rampage which occurred at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.

As a result of this horrific crime, gun grabbing fanatics are seeking to exploit the deaths of the people in order to push a political agenda that most Americans continue to reject. The extremists from the gun grabbing lobby are jumping to the top of every soap box they can find in an effort to detail how horrible guns and gun manufacturers are.
However, clear thinking people continue to reject the gun grabbing fanatics because it is clear to all rational minded individuals that there is no inherent evil or good in a gun. A gun, in itself is no more evil than a screwdriver, a can opener or a hairdryer. Good and evil comes out of the heart of man.

Those who think guns are bad, must remember. Guns were in the hands of our founding fathers when they purchased our freedoms. Guns were in the hands of every American soldier who marched off to war under the shadow of Old Glory. The number of times guns have defended men, women, and children whose home was broken into late in the night are greater than we could count. They are carried by law enforcement individuals to fight crime. As horrible as what happened in Colorado may be, let us not be victimized by knee jerk liberals who will use this incident to squawk about greater gun control. The Declaration of Independence clearly reveals that our founding fathers understood that guns are the final defense against tyrants. If history has taught us nothing else it has taught us that an armed society is a free society.

I continually hear reporters on TV and specially selected individuals being interviewed ask, “How could this happen.” “What could cause these kids to start killing the way they did?” “What got into those kids to start killing people?” etc.

The liberal agenda of the gun grabbers is the same core ideology of those who support abortion on demand, illegal alien “rights,” sex instruction in school, acceptance of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle and in general fight against our traditional Christian values being taught in the classroom. Hence, we see a people fleeing from the public schools and the growth of private schools and home schooling.

Those who with glee support the core ideology which removed prayer and Bible reading from the school room are the same ones who now scratch their heads trying to figure out what is happening. They want to point their finger and say, “see that’s the problems- it’s those guns.” When in fact, a gun is an inanimate object which has absolutely no ability to do good or do harm in and by itself.

The Bible is clear that the nation which forgets God will be turned into hell.

There should be no wonderment as to “why the violence”, ” what caused the kids to shoot their class mates” or “what got into them.” The problem is not what got into them, but what DID NOT get into them!

As stated above, the same crowd who wants to confiscate your guns and ability to defend yourself are the same ones who want abortion on demand, sexual “freedom,” the acceptance of homosexuals and a school room void of Christian teaching and values. For years we understood that there are certain moral absolutes and those absolutes are given in the Bible. But when they take the Bible, prayer and the recognition of God as the supreme law giver out of the school, then the moral foundation that build the nation’s strength and character are gone.

Life has been devalued. Doctors kill the unborn with impunity. Society accepts it and then we wonder why people throw their babies in dumpsters or walk into a school and begin killing their classmates.

We don’t need to spend millions of dollars on Freudian psychiatrists, metal detectors and armed guards. American society has ALWAYS been heavily armed. Yet kids didn’t shoot up their schools and terrorize innocent students. When we barred the school house door to God, traditional Christian teaching, prayer and Bible reading, and opened the school house door to sexual perversion, condoms, evolution, and abortion counseling, we robbed our kids of their moral foundation.

Governor Morris of Pennsylvania, who helped draft the Constitution of the United States stated that Christian teaching, “is the only solid basis of good morals; therefore education should teach the precepts of religion, and the duties of man toward God.”

And Thomas Jefferson said, “I have always said, and always will say, that the studious perusal of the sacred volume will make us better citizens.”

There will be those who will readily agree with what we have stated. then their will be those who will scoff. But, Columbine High school will now stand as an eternal witness that “the nation that forgets God will be turned into hell.”

Until we once again recognize Jesus Christ, and not the federal government, as the chief lawgiver, our nation will continue to crumble.