Knights Party Press Release: Jan. 14. 2020

Today a Fox News headline read, “Texas man with license to carry shoots, kills suspected robber at home cookout.”

The incident happened Friday January 10th at 11:55pm at the 3400 block of Chicago St. in Dallas.

Three unidentified suspects approached the front yard of a home threatening the homeowner where the owner and his guests were having a cookout. Two of the suspects were armed with handguns at which time an unnamed man at the cookout drew his legally carried weapon and shot one of the suspects. The other two suspects escaped and are still at large. The one shot later died at the hospital.

The man who shot the suspect was interviewed and released with the case being referred to the Dallas County grand jury. The Texas State Constitution guarantees every Texan the right to carry and keep arms, but regulates how firearms are carried in order to prevent crime.

In reaction to this story, Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party based in Harrison Arkansas said the following, “Imagine the tragedies that would occur if anti-gun advocates have their way and forcibly disarming it’s citizens.” He said, “It’s foolish to think that the criminals are going to hand over their firearms.”

Robb added, “Our forefathers included the 2nd Amendment to insure citizens that they could remain safe from not just criminals, but from a corrupt government as well.”

Robb also said, “Stories like this should open the eyes of every American to the fact that armed citizens are safe citizens. Anti-gun advocates wants to disarm us – not for safety – but for control.