Knights Party Press Release: Sept. 9. 2020

On Saturday, September 5th, Huffington Post ran the headline, “White House Orders End OfUn-AmericanRacial Sensitivity Training At Federal Agencies.”

The Trump administration has issued a memo ordering federal agencies to end racial sensitivity training, declaring it “un-American propaganda,” according to the document obtained by The Washington Post.

The two-page memo released Friday notes that President Donald Trump seeks to prevent federal agencies from spending “millions in taxpayer dollars” on the training sessions — and that any contracts involving instruction on “white privilege” or “critical race theory” be canceled immediately if possible.

National Director, Thomas Robb, of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas said, “This is good news. This is nothing more than indoctrination to train people to be Un-American in America! In my opinion, anyone who is unhappy with White, Christian, American life, it’s culture, hertitage and history, by all means leave!”