Knights Party Press Release: Jan. 6. 2021

Tuesday, January 5th, Just The News reported, “Californians doing as their elected leaders doignoring lockdown orders.”

California has now seen 2,345,909 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and more than 26,000 have died from the virus, according to the state’s public health department.

The number of cases spiked in mid-July, held steady through August and then plunged in September and October, according to state government numbers. But cases began rising in mid-November, hitting previous peak numbers from the summer (about 10,000 per day) — and never stopped going up. By Thanksgiving, they were running 15,000 a day, and the day after Christmas they hit more than 50,000.

But with the virus spiking in early winter, reports emerged that Californians weren’t really curbing their gatherings or reducing their ventures outside of their homes, based upon a review of mobility trend data collected by Google from cell phones.

National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “American’s across the nation are catching on maybe. Let’s talk facts, California has seen 2,345,909 positive tests, not cases, and there’s a big difference. As well, included in these 26,000 deaths, there are many that died of non-covid related causes, but if they had even the dead virus, showing no symptoms of having covid, or had covid, without even knowing it, they were counted as covid deaths. Do your research, the truth is out there, and many are finally seeking, and finding it.”