Knights Party Press Release: July 9. 2021

One example of how innocent people are harmed by the homosexual agenda in America was reported by The Daily Signal, on Wednesday, July 7th, with this headline, “Naked Man in Women’s Spa Locker Room Shows Consequences of Transgender Policies.”

There was nothing relaxing about a trip to Los Angeles’ upscale Wi Spa on July 3. The ordinarily calm atmosphere was interrupted by a bitter protest over the shop’s transgender policy, which allowed a man to expose himself in the women’s locker room—to the shock and disgust of female clients.

In a video that exploded across social media, an irate customer demanded to know why it’s OK “for a man to go into the women’s section, show his penis around the other women, young little girls, underage. Your spa, Wi Spa, condones that? He is a man. He is not a woman.”

“There are girls down there,” the woman said angrily, “other women who are highly offended by what they just saw—and you did nothing. You sided with him.”

National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “The final objective of the LGBTQ+ agenda taking place in America is legalized pedophilia. What would’ve happened if a female child would’ve been alone in this locker room? This should’ve been, and I believe it was, expected to happen. When all a man needs to do to enter a female locker, or restroom is put on a dress, this is going to happen. By allowing these things, it opens the door for children to be molested, and women to be raped. This has nothing to do with homosexual rights, but it has everything to do with you losing yours! You are being forced to come face to face with these sexually immoral deviants. Remember this, by accepting the sexual deviant, you’re as good as commiting the sin of homosexuality yourself.If you don’t think so, remember the city of Sodom spoken of in Holy Scripture. Not everyone in the city was a sodomite. Nevertheless, God punished all of the inhabitants because they were either practicing homosexuals or they tolerated it.”