Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 23. 2022

We don’t need this article to the us this, but here’s an article from The Daily Wire, posted, Monday, February 21st, “‘American Lives Are At Risk’: Sen. Cotton Blasts Report On Biden Afghan Evacuee Screening Failures“.

Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton blasted President Joe Biden following the release of a report last week that revealed the administration’s failure to properly screen many Afghan evacuees during the withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021.

“Joe Biden promised to vet the evacuees that came to America after his retreat from Afghanistan. But he didn’t, and now American lives are at risk. According to this report, dozens of suspected bombmakers and terrorists arrived in our country—and now some have gone missing. This debacle is yet another reminder of the dangerous consequences of Joe Biden’s dishonorable withdrawal from Afghanistan,” Cotton said in a statement.

National Director of the Knights Party, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb added, “American’s lives are in danger not just from these Afghan refugees, but also from every other non-white raced people flooding into America. Don’t forget about all the South American gangs, drug lords, and sex traffickers flooding into our country. White, Christian America doesn’t need these non-white invaders that are trying to replace America’s white population, because they’re all a danger to White, Christian Americans”.