Knights Party Press Release: Mar. 28. 2022

I wonder how many parents in America realize just how little control they have over their childrens education in our public school systems? Not much according to this headline, “Wisconsin’s ‘Parent Bill Of Right’ Would Allow Parents to Sue Schools That Exploit Kids“, from The Daily Caller, published, Saturday, March 26th.

The Wisconsin State Assembly and Senate have passed a “parent bill of rights” that would allow parents to sue schools that fail to inform them about their child’s gender or social transition, according to the bill.

The bill is sitting on the desk of Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, according to The Federalist. It mirrors bills advanced or alluded to in other states including Indiana, Texas, Kansas, Florida, Virginia, Missouri, and Georgia.

Wisconsin’s bill mandates that parents have “the right to review all medical records related to the child, unless specified otherwise in law or court order,” “the right to determine the names and pronouns used for the child while at school,” and “the right to review instructional materials and outlines used by the child’s school.”

The National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, Thomas Robb, with his National Office centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas, spoke saying, “This headline shows just how little of rights parents have to protect their children today. Imagine, needing a ‘Bill of Rights’ to protect your child from homosexuals, communism being taught, Critical Race Theory, and a variety of other sins being normalized in today’s public school systems. You have a God-given right, and not only a right, but a God-given duty to protect your children from sin, and to teach them right from wrong, according to God’s word. Parents across the country should be outraged to see they need a ‘Bill of Rights’ drawn up to give them authority over their own children, and the right to be able to raise their children into Godly adults.”