Knights Party Press Release: Apr. 4. 2022

If you think Christianity isn’t being attacked, look at this headline from the Christian Broadcasting Network, published Saturday, April 2nd., “‘You Deserve Death”: Family Allegedly Sprayed With Acid After Leaving IslamRefusing to Abandon Newfound Faith in Jesus.”

A Ugandan family was reportedly attacked with acid for leaving Islam to embrace Christianity, according to Morning Star News, an outlet monitoring Christian persecution across the globe.

Juma Waiswa, 38, his wife Nasimu Naigaga, 32, and the couple’s daughter, Amina Nagudi, 13, were reportedly attacked on March 8 after refusing to deny their newfound belief in Christ.

The family accepted Jesus on Feb. 17, after a pastor came to their home. The conversions sparked anger among relatives and local residents and a meeting with the family was called.

Thomas Robb, the Pastor of the Christian Revival Center, and National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, both centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas, spoke out about this saying, “I’m the Pastor of The Christian Revival Center in Harrison, and my belief is that the Israelites spoken of in the Bible are the White race. It’s been proven.That being said, I don’t allow non-white people to attend my services, nor homosexuals for that matter, but obviously, this wasn’t a White family that was attacked, but the point I want to make is this, this is how bad the Islam religion hates Christianity. They’ll attack their own people! These are the same muslims, with the same beliefs, that some are welcoming into our White, Christian nation! Now I ask, how can anyone in America who ‘says’ they’re a Christian, accept these people into our White, Christian nation? Here’s the proof, they hate us. And I’m called a hater by some?”