Knights Party Press Release: June 6. 2022

An armed society is a safe society, and American citizens have spoken! According to this article from The Daily Caller, headlined, “93.1% Of People Don’t Think Semi-Automatic Weapons Should Be Banned”, which was published on Saturday, June 4th.

The vast majority of people in a recent Twitter poll don’t think semi-automatic guns
should be banned.

Following the massacre in Uvalde, Texas, lots of people have suggested banning semi-automatic weapons, which are some of the most popular guns in America.

I shared a poll on Twitter asking people if semi-autos should be banned, and the results weren’t close.

Of the 2,905 voters, 93.1% of them voted that semi-automatic weapons shouldn’t be banned. Only 6.9% of voters voted in favor of a ban on the popular weapons.

I do not understand how anyone can be in favor of a ban on semi-automatic weapons. For reference, this is not new technology.

Semi-automatic weapons have existed for more than 100 years. Do you know what year the popular Colt 1911 pistol came out in? It was released in 1911!

Fully automatic weapons have also existed for more than 100 years, and used to be much more available. Yet, we never saw school shootings with them.

We haven’t all of a sudden gotten more powerful weapons in America. In fact, we used to have easier access to guns and we still didn’t have massacres.

The National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “Mainstream Media tries to make it look like a majority of Americans are anti-gun fanatics, but the truth is, very few actually are. In my opinion, every White, law-abidding American citizen should have semi-automatic, and even automatic firearms at hand. The logic is simple, imagine that 4 or 5 home invaders break into your home. What if each of them was armed with assault rifles. If you are one of the meager 6.9% of the anti-gun population, and this situation happened to you, I’ll bet that experience would definately change your mind. You’re foolish if you think banning assault style weapons will keep criminals from still possessing them. Criminals on average aren’t carrying legally registered firearms. The idea of banning any type of weapon because a few crazy people have murdered other innocent people, is as idiotic as banning motor vehicles because drunk drivers kill innocent people by driving drunk, and then suggesting just banning sports cars because they’re faster! A child could grasp this ideology”.