Knights Party Press Release: Sept. 23. 2022

Thank God for armed citizens, or this gentleman may have been killed. The Blaze ran this headline on Thursday, September 22nd., “Two armed men try breaking down home’s door, get greeted by armed homeownerOne crook gets away; the other is found shot dead on porch.”

A homeowner was inside his Madison Street home near Walterboro around 10 p.m. Sept. 14 when two armed men tried to break in, Walterboro Live reported.

The pair of gun-toting men tried breaking into the South Carolina home, but the also-armed homeowner quickly introduced himself to them. While one of the crooks got away, the other was found shot dead on the front porch.

The intruder that was able to escape fled from the scene in a dark-colored sedan, the outlet said — While the other crook wasn’t as fortunate.

When Colleton County sheriff’s deputies got to the scene, the “homeowner exited the home, unarmed, and confirmed he shot the man when he and another individual tried to break down his door,” Shalane Tindal, sheriff’s office spokeswoman, told Walterboro Live.

The National Director of the Knights Party based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb, spoke from his office saying, “Time and time again we see these articles of how law-abiding citizens are protecting not only themselves, but loved ones, neighbors, and even people they don’t know. Yet all these anti-gun advocates still pressure our government into instilling unconstitutional laws that make it hard for some law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms. Now we know why our government wants to disarm us, but common, ordinary people? Are they that indoctrinated that they can’t accept stories such as this one? This isn’t a rare occurrence either, especially in today’s lawless times. Every single day, someone in America can thank firearms for saving their lives. This article says the crook that didn’t get away wasn’t as fortunate as the crook that did get away. In my thinking, the one that did get away, someone else might not be as fortunate when he robs them.”