Knights Party Press Release: Oct. 14. 2022

Onward Christian Soldiers! This article was published on Wednesday, October 12th., from The Federalist, “LGBT Children’s Books Drove Me From My Dream Job As A Librarian“.

I have a master of arts in information science and learning technology. While my children were young, I worked on my degree with the intention of securing employment in a library once my children were older. I was overjoyed to realize this dream once I was employed by my local public library. I was employed by this library for nearly five years, three of which were as the children’s collection librarian, my dream job.

Yet the inner conflict between my Christian faith and the LGBT movement that is becoming more and more prominently portrayed in newly published children’s books caused me to increasingly consider walking away from this job I worked for years to secure. That moment came a couple of weeks ago when I tearfully handed in my letter of resignation to my director.

In the letter, I stated, “I have enjoyed all aspects of my job … but it is time for me to be done. As the world continues to change its perspective in many areas, including gender identity, it has become clearer to me that I can no longer do my job effectively; my faith, and therefore my conscience, will not allow it.”

National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, and Pastor of the Christian Revival Center, both centrally located in Harrison, Arkansas, Pastor Thomas Robb said, “While I’m sure my idea of Christianity differs from this librarian’s, she at least has a grasp on one Christian ideal that we can both agree on. That being the fact, homosexuality, and the promotion of it, in any form, is a sin. Too many One-World churches and their leaders seem to have pushed the fact aside that homosexuality is most definately a sin. This librarian has the fortitude to stand for her beliefs, even if it costs her a job she loves. So I can at least commend her for that. You cannot be a Christian and promote sin, it’s impossible. Any church, or it’s leader that accepts homosexuality and miscegenation, is not a Christian chuch, or leader”.