Knights Party Press Release: May 17. 2023

Put the joints, pipes, and water bongs away! “Weed ruins young men’s mental health, study shows: STOP legalization“, was a recent informative article published by The New York Post.

Oops: A massive new study proves the normalization of cannabis use is an ongoing social disaster.

You’ve got to be under the influence — of toxic ideology, if not pot itself — to ignore the evidence.

Researchers analyzing the health data of 6.9 million people have linked weed use to hugely increased mental-illness rates among adolescent males — including as much as a shocking 30% of schizophrenia cases among young men.

The trend represents not just greater use, but the increasing potency of weed and weed products.

That will only keep rising as the profit motive and industrialization of production, now that it’s so widely legalized, promote delivery of ever-more concentrated THC (the psychoactive chemical in weed) to users.

Schizophrenia is one of the most serious, and tragic, psychiatric disorders.

the sheer size of the study and the magnitude of the effect should make the nearly 70% of Americans who generally back legalization take a hard look in the mirror.

“Dumbed down people are easier to distract as to what is actually happening in America”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas. “Our government is behind the increased drug use in America. Legalizing marijuana not only puts more money into the pockets of our government, but it also dumbs people down, making them less likely to stand up to what is happening in America. It’s a win/win for the government. Now I’m sure there are some ‘stoners’ reading this right now that would love to argue with me on my stance about marijuana, but answer this, does marijuana alter how your think? It sure does! Does it alter your mind into thinking that everything is just peachy? It sure does! If it didn’t, you wouldn’t smoke it. Some cities in America already decriminalized meth, heroin, and cocaine. White people on average are smart. At least smarter than some uncivilized races in America. Our government fears level headed White people, so to counter act this fact, they wish to ruin the minds of White people. Promoting drug use is their way of achieving their goals. And to all the ‘stoners’ out there, to be fair, I feel the same way about excessive alcohol use. White warriors, don’t sell your souls to the evils of our government.”