Knights Party Press Release: June 16. 2023

Anything for a handout. The Daily Caller on Monday, June 12th., ran this headline, “Drag Show Demands Audience Tip As Part Of Reparations“.

Audience members in San Francisco were reportedly told to tip the performers as a form of reparations during an all-black drag show June 9.

The show, titled “Reparations,” made its monthly appearance at the San Fransisco nightclub Oasis, whose owner D’Arcy Drollinger holds the title of San Fransisco’s first ever Drag Laureate. During the show, drag performers reportedly pressured the audience to tip heavily. A San Francisco Chronicle reporter described the financial exchange as “paying Black performers what they’re due.”

Part of the show included a call and response format, where the drag performer Nicki Jizz reportedly led the audience in a confessional.

“If you don’t tip, you’re … ?” Jizz prompted them, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “Racist!” they responded, according to the outlet.

“Even if you do tip, you’re racist. But you’ll sleep a little better,” Jizz said.

California Reparations Taskforce recently released their findings, citing a $1.2 million figure for black residents that could trace their lineage back to slavery. The city of San Fransisco has heard proposals of up to $5 million for each black resident and $100,000 in annual payments for 250 years, The Associated Press reported.

“It amazes me how non-whites think that we owe them something”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “Wouldn’t you figure, an all black drag queen show being titled ‘Reparartions’, and asking outright for handouts! I wonder how this is going to work out when these blacks trace their ancestors to slaves in Africa. That’s exactly who enslaved them, the African government. I also wonder what will happen when some of these blacks find out that their ancestors were black slave owners in America. In 1860 alone, there were 3,000 black slave owners in America, which owned together, a total of 20,000 slaves. Instead of giving these bums handouts, we should be teaching them the truths about slavery.”