Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 4. 2023

Is crime racist? This headline, “California is about to let race shockingly tip the scales of justce“, was published by Fox News Digital on Tuesday, August 1st.

California, that bellwether of the absurd, is about to do it again. The same legislature that rejected legislation to add human trafficking of a minor for purposes of a commercial sex act to the state’s list of “serious” felonies – until public outrage prompted reconsideration – has now seen the supermajority Democrats pass a bill out of the Assembly that mandates consideration of race in criminal sentencing.

The California State Assembly voted Assembly Bill 852 out of the chamber on a vote of 58 to 13 in May with all aye votes coming from Democrats. The measure is now pending before the Public Safety Committee in the Senate (critics call it the “Public Jeopardy Committee”).

AB 852 grows out of Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Reparations Task Force. The bill requires California’s criminal courts to consider the “disparate impact on historically disenfranchised and system-impacted populations” when issuing a sentence.

In other words, two men with similar criminal histories, each convicted of murder, would see different sentencing outcomes dependent on the color of their skin—something one might have expected in the Jim Crow-era South, but certainly not in present-day America.

“Let’s make sure we’re locking up the right people”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “I don’t understand what race has to do with sentencing a criminal. If you commit a crime, you should have to do the time. The sentence handed down to a black criminal should be the same as a White criminal. That would be equality right? 13% of America’s population is black. They commit over 50% of our crime, so of course, more blacks are sentenced for crimes. Is that racist? We see the increased lawlessness with the ‘soft on crime’ approach in many of our cities that are Democrat governed, so lighter sentences for non-whites only fuels the increase in crime. It’s not rocket science, When someone isn’t punished for a crime, they will continue commiting that crime. We’re not talking about parking tickets here, we’re talking about drug dealers, rapists, and murderers. A child that isn’t punished will grow to be a spoiled brat. I think we ‘spoil’ the black population enough. It’s time to cancel the race-card, it’s over its limit”.