Knights Party Press Release: April 10. 2024

On Monday, April 8. 2024, The Washington Times published this headline, “‘God is moving!’: Hundreds of UGA students baptized in pickup trucks following massive revival.” Is this enough though?

Amid alarming statistics that reveal 80% of Americans believe religion is “losing influence in public life,” public universities across the country continue to experience massive revival. The latest example comes from the University of Georgia, where thousands recently gathered for a Unite event featuring well-known ministry leaders and best-selling authors Jennie Allen of IF:Gathering and Jonathan Pokluda, pastor of Harris Creek Baptist church in Waco, Texas.

“We preached Jesus, worship’s incredible,” she added in the video, noting there were as many as 7,000 or 8,000 students assembled at the stadium. “And, so, we are preaching Jesus, confessing sin — all these students, and it’s just so beautiful.”

After the event was over, a large crowd of attendees walked around looking for a place to hold baptisms. While recent college revivals featured baptisms in lakes and fountains, the UGA solution was especially unique.

“We found a public parking lot, and we got four pickup trucks,” Ms. Allen said. “And we were baptizing kids in four pickup trucks … all these fraternity guys are watching from their decks. … It’s just insane.”

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party, and Pastor of the Christian Revival Center, both centrally located in Harrison, Arkansas, spoke from the Christian Revival Center, “While on the outside, this seems like a great thing, right? But it depends on who you’re pledging your soul too. If your college supports DEI, Critical Race Theory, etc., you’re baptizing yourself into the One-World Satanic church. Not only that, just by being baptized, isn’t enough. We, as White Christians in America need to repent for allowing these sins such as race-mixing, the acceptence of homosexuality, and other sexual deviency to creep into our White Christian Nation. Being baptized and continuing to accept or promote anything that God has forbidden is worthless without repentance. Right now, we don’t need baptizisms, what we need to do first is repent. Being baptized, and confessing our sins to Jesus isn’t repenting. Confessing and repentance are two different things. Confessing our sins, and continuing to sin isn’t repentance. Repentance is seeing our sins that God forbade, and not doing them again. We can’t have a White, Christian revival in America until we repent.”