AIDS Plague Worse than Bubonic and affects races differently
Some health experts are warning that AIDS may become the largest epidemic in history – even more so than the Black Plague which killed an estimated 45 million people. Dr. Desmond Johns, with the United Nations’ AIDS office, says, “The epidemic continues to grow out of proportion to the magnitude of our response.”

The Centers for Disease Control recently reported that for the first time more black “heterosexuals” had the disease than gay white men did. This included any Hispanics with Negro blood. Hispanics of Caucasian ancestry were not affected severely.

Most people do not want to admit that AIDS is a racial disease. The biology of the races is different and they react to the virus differently when they are exposed to it.

AIDS is the name coined for a strain of Kaposi Sarcoma, a type of cancer. In a book titled “AIDS, A Basic Guide for Clinicians it talks on page 123 about the term Aids being coined, but does not say why. It says there was an outbreak of it among homosexuals and Haitians. It states that during the past three decades prior to 1984 there is “an increased prevalence of Kaposi sarcoma in Equatorial Africa”. It is mostly prevalent among Ashkenazic Jews as stated by Dr. Moritz Kaposi who the disease is named after. The KS virus is able to mutate into variants. AIDS is one of those variants.

LANCET is Britain’s leading medical journal and holds a high position of authority world wide. In March of 1987 it reported that a British AIDS research group had discovered that Caucasians have an immunity cell type unique to them. None of the other races have it. It is called the GC-2 Gene. The other races have what is called a GC-1 Fast Track Gene.

The Readers Digest commenting on this same subject stated that, “A team led by Anthony Pinching of St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School in London looked at six combinations of an inherited protein found on some human and animal cell surfaces. The researcher concluded that one of the protein combinations makes the people who carry it highly resistant to AIDS, while another makes them highly vulnerable. The work may shed light on why the disease is spreading so rapidly among heterosexuals in Central Africa. Blacks from that region are nearly ten times likelier than Caucasians to carry the ‘most susceptible.’ protein.”

Dr. Wayne Greaves of Howard University said, “Because of the high prevalence of infection among women and young children, I see AIDS limiting the black population. Unless we can interrupt transmission somehow, we may soon be looking at zero population growth for blacks.”

Henri Norris, director of the Multi-Cultural Alliance for the Prevention of AIDS stated in the New York Times that “Blacks make up 73 % of all heterosexual transmission cases…More than half of all women with AIDS are black…More than half the children with AIDS are black.”

According to the latest U.N. report, in Sub-Saharan Africa there are at least 8.6 million young people between the ages of 15 and 24 with the AIDS virus – 67% are female. In South Asia, 1.1 million youths are infected -62 percent of them female. Thoraya Obaid, the executive director of the U.N. Population Fund said among the agency’s core message was “abstinence”. Sadly, in these non-Christian countries, girls are often married off or encouraged to have sex at a very young age. Women are not respected in these cultures. Unfortunately, the U.N. will not publicize the fact in Africa and Asia that abstaining from sex – while helpful – is not full proof prevention. For non-whites, AIDS can be acquired through casual contact with carriers.

As more people become award of the high death rate among Negroes and other nonwhites it is almost certain that AIDS will be looked upon more and more as a disease of not only homosexuals, but a disease of nonwhites. With this awareness it is also equally certain that whites will begin to do what ever may be necessary to avoid contact with non-whites. Of course whites who engage in interracial sex will become infected also.

In the January 10,1989 edition of The Washington Post an article appeared under the title, “Racial Segregation Predicted” and states that the implications of AIDS is, “mind-boggling, posing the worst threat to black Americans since the days of virulent segregation” – and that is exactly where we are headed if AIDS becomes known more and more as what it is – a racial disease.

Young people must be warned of the terrible consequences they may face as a result of socializing with non-whites. And interracial couples should be especially avoided. AIDS is a disease of non-whites. It originated from a mutated cancer almost exclusive to Jews and now spread throughout the races. Remember, the national media talks about the high rate of AIDS among heterosexuals in order scare white people into donating to homosexual and inner city programs. The increase in heterosexual population is among non-white heterosexuals NOT white heterosexuals. Even white homosexuals have a natural immunity to the disease simply because of their race. They contract it however, because they continually expose themselves to the virus via their filthy lifestyle and in addition often sleep with non-white homosexuals.

Those with the GC-1 (germinal center) gene (non-whites) are in greater danger of contacting the HIV virus through casual contact such as toilet seats, drinking glasses, sneezing etc. Blacks are in the greatest danger of getting AIDS in this manner. This is the reason for the AIDS epidemic in Africa and also why AIDS, even in the US is the number one cause of death for blacks.

Though we are considered racist for pointing this out, the fact is blacks should be alerted to the danger they face from HIV. Phil Wilson with the African American AIDS Policy and Training Institute at the University of Southern California said “More black churches, fraternities, sororities and organizations like the NAACP need to speak out on AIDS.” Surprisingly, those who want to avoid being called racist, are actually causing the death of blacks for not warning them of the danger. It is politically incorrect.

It must be noted, however, that technically no one dies of AIDS. AIDS simply destroys the immune system and death can come about from any number of diseases that can infect the body. For this reason, sometimes doctors will list the cause of death to be TB (which is on the rise) or pneumonia, when this would not have come about if the immune system was not first destroyed by the AIDS virus. Deaths brought about from AIDS are probably much higher than reported.

White people as a whole are just not getting AIDS – no matter how many middle class Baptist grandmas they try to find to plaster on the news. Those people who do get it by way of innocent means such as blood transfusions have the politicians to blame for not isolating carriers and developing testing procedures on a mass basis. Better yet, we need geographical separation at least on a neighborhood and school basis and we need to teach our people the health dangers of social integration.