Homosexual groups across America continue to stir up anti Christian sentiment by their incessant whining about their so-called lack of rights. They portray themselves as hunted people who must constantly be on the look out for a bigoted Christian on the prowl. Their very lives are in danger, they suggest. The abuses they must endure are endless, they cry. The persecution they face on a daily basis is almost unbearable.

As bleak as the picture is which they paint for anyone who will lend an ear, it is surprising for many to learn that homosexuals around the world can apply for political asylum in the U.S. based solely on their sexual orientation.

The fact is, homosexuality is nothing new. Throughout history it has existed. Every civilization near the end of its decline suffered its affect on society. And every culture during reformation to enhance the family and thus empower the nation passed restrictive laws against homosexuality in order to reverse the destruction of the country. It is a cycle which has repeated itself throughout the ages.

The problem did not arise out of the private practice of homosexuality. No one condones intrusions into a person’s private life. (what the public doesn’t know – queers will answer for in Hell) Such sick perversions were the habits of a few who closely guarded their immoral secret-or they may be convicted for their offense against nature. The spread of homosexuality into mainstream society resulted from their own inability to be satisfied with nature’s intended calling. They have a need to pollute. It is not enough for them to cross the taboo of same gender sex. They want others to know. Whether a person delights in or reviles the homosexual act, makes no difference. Sean Hingston who plays a part with his real life gay lover on an upcoming episode of HBO’s Sex and the City says it clearly. “It’s every gay man’s fantasy to have sex in front of a camera.”.

While the camera is a modern invention, the idea of shock is not. To a homosexual, the idea of shocking the moral sensitivities of a person, family, or society, is half the fun. Its not enough to enjoy the perversion. They want others to know they enjoy it – which brings us to America – 1999.

Twelve countries call for the execution of people legally convicted of same-sex sexual relationships. A few countries will place those convicted of homosexuality into psychiatric wards. And there are still countries which will imprison those convicted. However, under a liberal establishment and with the aid of many morally weak conservatives, this nation has placed a welcome mat upon its doorstep for immigrants the world over. Not only are we touted as a melting pot for the excess baggage of the third world, but now they want to “sweeten” the pot with giggly men and burly women who aren’t satisfied with staying in the closet. America once had laws outlawing homosexuality. Now the U.S. welcomes them. Countries which ban homosexuality aren’t on a “witch hunt” – who has the time to keep track of every citizen’s bedroom. But when private bedroom practices become public, its relatively easy to convict. The public is witness.

Why stay in a country where the “witnesses” can have you thrown in jail, when you can come to America and make out on the Jerry Springer show, take part in a gay parade, join a fags-are-us club in school, or attempt to have employers or landowners thrown in jail because they find you disgusting. Come to America where you can flaunt it – its a new era we are told. Even Jerry Falwell, has fallen from his supposed high top of morality and has conceded to a new dialogue with homosexuals. Let’s get along, he has purported.

Yes, America is falling. It has gone from a refuge for Bible believing Christians from the old world to a destination for homosexual immigrants seeking political asylum. But as surely as we see the destruction of America close at hand, we see a reformation just beyond. For God shall use the wickedness of the many to stir the hearts of a few. He shall forge men and women with true Christian character into disciples of courage and fortitude – men and women who will lift a Godly and just standard. We must continue in our work to spread the Gospel – to be a lighthouse in a dark world – to bring hope to our brothers and sisters. Our nation is still a Christian nation and Christ shall see it returned to its’ rightful heirs – governed by Christian laws and principles.