by Thomas Robb

Some say that although George Orwell missed the date, he certainly was accurate in his description of the intent of those who hate America.

In his book, 1984, Orwell describes a totalitarian government which alters facts and history to help support it’s power and enslave the population; not in the normal way of slavery, but in a highly sophisticated way, controlling peoples, thoughts, jobs, religion etc., and thinking all the while that they are free.

To achieve this, the elitist leaders of government, entertainment and media employ what Orwell termed as Newspeak. Newspeak is the art of cleverly changing words which carry a meaning other than fact. For example, equal according to newspeak would mean that because everyone is equal minorities are to be given special privileges through affirmative action to insure they are equal. Orwell also speaks of the thought police which are a necessary part of this government, used to make sure no one says or even thinks politically incorrect thoughts.

Orwell further speaks of this totalitarian police state in which “big brother” is always watching people, making sure they don’t step off the chosen governmental path and become a nuisance to peace and security.

All this is necessary of course, to maintain order and the sacrifice of “a little” liberty is the price that must be paid to insure a safe existence in this robotic state.

In order to bring this all about, it is necessary to separate a generation from their history. Orwell stated that whoever writes the present, writes the past and who ever writes the past writes the future.

And so, while we move about with the freedom to decide which deodorant we buy, or where we buy groceries, we witness the government’s continued encroachment upon the rights of free men. Gun control laws, civil right laws telling you to whom you can sell your house or who you can hire for an employee. ( If you think I am over reacting simply run an add for your house and say, ” House not for sale to Negroes, ” or “Negroes need not apply.”)

It is interesting to note that Orwell’s book 1984 ( written in 1948) at one time was almost required reading in public schools, but now, perhaps because of it’s prophetic accuracy, is not even heard of by today’s students.

Orwell writes of the need for the government to rewrite history, changing names and dates so that people will no longer understand it’s history and the origins of its institutions. Public schools have already been lowered to this level and today most students when questioned in a poll are unable to name the country the pilgrims came from, the ship they traveled upon, the date or the location of their arrival.

The minds of today’s students are void of any knowledge of their history or the unique contributions western civilization have given to the world.

Orwell stated that this would come about and in this new society we would observe that, “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute.”

This is precisely the world we awaken to every morning. So that those of us who remember our history are scoffed at and ridiculed by those who are emerging from the schools and movie houses.

The latest example of records being “falsified,” books being “rewritten” can be seen in the new film Amistad by the Jewish film producer Steven Spielberg. Spielberg uses the big screen to heap guilt upon gullible whites who somehow feel they were personally responsible for slavery. Actually almost the entire American slave trade was in the hands of northern Jews ( the booklet Who Brought the Slaves to America can be obtained for a $5.00 contribution to The Knights, P.O. Box 2222, Harrison, AR 72601)

There is one disputed fact of history that Spielberg conveniently left out.

The truth is there was a slave ship named Amistad. The Negroes revolted and took control of the ship.. Unable to operate the ship they forced the captain and the crew to return to Africa. Knowing that he would face certain death upon arriving back to Africa, the captain sailed the ship to America anyway. The Africans, from the jungles, evidently did not understand the simple rising and setting pattern of the sun and had no idea that they were traveling west instead of east. Upon arriving in American water the Amistad was taken into custody by a U. S. government ship. The captain was promptly arrested for engaging in the illegal slave trade. The Negroes were set free, spent a year receiving Christian training in Farmington, Conn. and they were sent back to their African home.

Spielberg’s film hardly represents the facts. Though the production of the film is bad enough, Spielberg has produced a study and learning guide to go along with the film. The study guide has been sent to thousands of high school educators and administrators to “help you integrate the lessons of this landmark film into your class plans.”

The learning kit features a treatment of the Negro Theodore Joadson. According to the editors of the learning kit, Joadson was a black abolitionist ( in the movie he is played by Morgan Freeman) who aided John Quincy Adams in the defense of 53 Negroes and their leader Cinque ( who led the revolt against the ship), before the Supreme Court. The kit includes a photo of Freeman in his costume as Theodore Joadson and then offers a worksheet with questions about the career of Joadson. The learning kit overlooks one important fact – Joadson never existed. he was simply a character that Spielberg added to spice up the film.

The learning kit for our American public classrooms also included some stirring quotes in highlighted and bold italics from John Quincy Adams argument before the Court. In a photo from the film Adams is shown with his hand on Quince’s shoulders. Here they are labeled as the true heroes as they together face America’s most powerful court. The caption states, “John Quincy Adams speaks to the Supreme Court about Quince’s heroism, ‘He is the only true hero in this room. If he were white, he wouldn’t be standing {here} fighting for his life.’

The truth which Spielberg left out in both the film and the study guide is that Quince wasn’t standing there shoulder to shoulder with Adams. In fact he was never there. The real Cinque never appeared before the Supreme Court. And what about the highlighted bold italic stirring quotes of John Quincy Adams before the Supreme Court when he represented Cinque? Guess what? Adams never made those statements and never represented Cinque before the Supreme Court. In fact he never even met Cinque!

Michael Medved writing in USA TODAY, says, “Feature films always take liberties with the historical record, but this Amistad learning kit brings Hollywood irresponsibility to new levels of outrageousness. It’s not intended as entertainment, but circulates across the country as a curriculum aid. Educators and students might have benefited from authentic background materials about a heavily hyped film, but this study guide treats the movie’s lies and fabrications as historical gospel, providing no additional information whatever.”

The study kits presents itself as a necessary aid to correct the racist history books of the past. Debbie Allen, the films producer is quoted in the kit as saying, “Whether you’re talking about art, or literature, or music, the real history has just been castrated – left out. It’s beyond racism…It’s just one culture {white} wanting to be dominant and not really acknowledging the contributions of a culture {Negro} that was far beyond and centuries ahead.”

Are our students going to believe that African culture of 1839 was “far beyond and centuries ahead,” of American civilization. I am afraid they will.

Orwell’s prediction is upon us. Historical records are being destroyed or falsified. As you read this, our books are being rewritten, pictures are being repainted, statues, streets and buildings are being renamed and every date being altered. The process is continuing day by day and minute by minute.

Students who can not tell you when the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, who cannot tell you the name of the first president of the United States and who think the name of the Pilgrim ship was ( as surveyed in a recent study) the Santa Monica, are ready to be shaped and molded by those who are changing our history.

We must gather together those of us who still remember. We advise parents to pull their kids out of public schools if possible and to search out private schools or to consider home schooling. Regardless, however, parents need to be on guard for lies being told to their children in movies, music, television, magazines, school books, etc.

Every day a war is being waged against our heritage. It is time for White Christian people to stick together.

If you are reading this and you are not an associate of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, we urge you to fill out the application NOW. Or,if you do not wish to become an associate then we urge you to subscribe to The Crusader. Contributions to this vital work are always needed as well.

Those who hate our race, faith and homeland are changing history so that it will be easy to change the future. We must be ready to reclaim the future for our children by upholding and remembering our white Christian heritage.