Important Christian Women – matriarchs of our race -and a story about the Royal woman who brought the Tribe of Judah and the other “lost Hebrew” tribes back together

The ties between Jesus and England are many. The traditions surrounding Glastonbury make it certain that Jesus spent much time there. God has been “grooming” England all through history. From the arrival of Brutus in 1103 BC, Jeremiah in Ireland in 583 BC, the Druid (Hebrew) Priests, the Megalith Builders of prehistory, and the endless waves of Celts and Scythians that migrated to that area, I think we can conclude that England has a part in God’s plan.n another place, I’ll be offering evidence of the family ties of the British Royalty to the Roman Royalty. Love and War. Good and Evil. It’s all there. The Roman Emperor who ended centuries of Christian persecution, and declared Christianity the religion of the state, Constantine the Great, was born and raised, in England. And was half English, on his mother’s side.

The chart below contains the players in the battles of the Roman church that Paul wrote to. They were the family of the Royal House of Britain. The Selurian(Wales) King, Carodoc, (Caracticus in Roman). This part of the chart would be very interesting by itself, and indicates that Paul went to England before going back to meet God on the Apian Way.

(Celtic)-Hebrew Connection

A highly respected Danish linguistic expert Dr. Ann Kristensen has reached the same conclusion (that we have proclaimed for years) that the Cimmerians who later became the Celts can be positively identified as a section of the so-called “Lost Ten Tribes of Israel” in deportation.

Dr. Kristensen was skeptical at first but the more she researched into Assyrian sources she found the Cimmerians making their first appearance in recorded history around 714 B.C. in the very area of modern Iran where the Assyrians had settled the deported tribes of Israel a few years earlier. She reaches conclusions that the Gimira or Cimmerians are lost Israelites.

In “WHO WERE THE CIMMERIANS AND WHERE DID THEY COME FROM” – translated by Jorgen Laessoe of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Dr. Kristensen wrote:

“There is scarcely reason any longer to doubt the exciting and verily astonishing assertion propounded by students of the Ten Tribes, that the Israelites deported from Bit Humria of the House of Omri are identical with the Gimirraja of the Assyrian sources. Everything indicates that the Israelite deportees did not vanish from the picture but that, abroad, under new conditions they continued to leave their mark on History.”

In another place, I’ll be offering evidence of the family ties of the British Royalty to the Roman Royalty. Love and War. Good and Evil. It’s all there. The Roman Emperor who ended centuries of Christian persecution, and declared Christianity the religion of the state, Constantine the Great, was born and raised, in England. And was half English, on his mother’s side.

The chart below (click it to view fullsize) contains the players in the battles of the Roman church that Paul wrote to. They were the family of the Royal House of Britain. The Selurian(Wales) King, Carodoc, (Caracticus in Roman). This part of the chart would be very interesting by itself, and indicates that Paul went to England before going back to meet God on the Apian Way.

Relationship between Jesus, apostles, and other Christian Leaders with the Royal Houses of Europe

Relationship between Jesus, apostles, and other Christian Leaders with the Royal Houses of Europe

Note: Where it says “Jewish housed church” it is a mis-translation of Judean – not to be confused with modern Jews who are Turkish Mongolian and converted to Judiasim (a very anti-woman religion – Jewish Talmud “Let the Law be burned rather than spoken by a woman” and “Thank God I am not a dog, Thank God I am not a Slave, Thank God I am not a woman” “A father shall not teach his daughter the law” “A woman is not worthy to give testimony because she is a woman”) in 840 A.D. by King Bulan who lived in the southern part of what is now Russia – as reported by the Jewish Encyclopedia 1965 Page 226 and confirmed by numerous archeologists and historians. Remember that the Bible says the Israelites (not Israelis) would forget who they were. Indeed the majority of the white race has forgotten who they are. The truth, we are told would come back to us in the last days. Don’t forget that the Bible says beware of those who call themselves Jews and are not.

Joseph of Arimathea, who was Mary’s uncle was Jesus’ great-uncle and guardian after Joseph the carpenter died; somewhat early in Jesus’ life.

Not only is this connection to Jesus’ family wonderful. See just who it was that made up that family.

Joseph of Arimathea’s daughter married an earthly king and his sisters married God. Anna, married King Beli, and produced the lines of Queen Elizabeth, King Arthur, and the Royal family of the Roman church. Ann, one of Joseph’s sisters who became the Great Matriarch of Jesus immediate family, was great-grandmother to “half” the Apostles! ! ! AND Bianca his other sister became grandmother to BOTH Jesus and John the Baptist. No wonder he jumped inside Elisabeth’s womb. His cousin, the Messiah, had come to visit.


God makes two kinds of promises in the Bible, conditional and UN- conditional. He promised Israel blessings for keeping His Law. He promised Jeroboam a dynasty for keeping His Law. These were conditional promises. However, God gave no conditions when He told Abraham that he would be the father of many nations, and kings would come out of him. Gen 17:4,6. Likewise when He said that the heir would come out of Sarah. God put no conditions on His word. He spoke it as though it would be fact. This is also the case when God talks about David in II Sam 7:16.

David is promised, unconditionally, that his bloodline would never run out. God also said that David’s kingdom AND throne would go on forever. David had no say in the matter. He couldn’t do anything to hasten or stop those events from occurring. God didn’t give David a choice, He just said that those things would come to pass. The whole passage from verse 10 on doesn’t seem to make any sense.

When this prophecy of Nathan was given, Israel was at peace with everyone. In fact David ruled from the Euphrates to the Nile. There was peace, prosperity. The Israelites had finally settled down in one place and united as one nation under God and David. Well, then, how can Nathan come and say that God has appointed a place for Israel, He would plant them IN that place, from which they’d move no more, and be free from their old enemies? Weren’t they IN their own place? Weren’t they at peace with their enemies? And who was thinking of moving? We’ll come back to these questions. Verses 11 through 13 don’t look so unusual. They portray David’s soon to come family history. David will be “made an house(dynasty), he will die a natural death, Solomon is to be king, Solomon will build the temple. And the follow up is easily disconnected from David. It says that “his (Solomon’s) throne shall be established forever.” BUT, the first and last parts are very hard to accept. Well, the part about David’s bloodline (his house) might be OK. David had a lot of kids and they all lived 3000 years ago, so there are probably some people around who come from David’s bloodline. But can anyone believe that the last part is true? Does David’s “throne” exist today? Today is part of forever, isn’t it?

Let’s go one step further in establishing the impossibility of this promise. We have to tie these two parts together. Psalms, Jeremiah and I Kings all say that the “house” and the “throne” go together. I Kings 2:4, “shall not fail thee a man on the throne of Israel.” And did you notice how that statement adds a whole new dimension to the picture? Not only must there be a direct, bloodline descendant of David ruling, he or she must be ruling over some Israelites!! Is it possible that in today’s modern world we can fulfill these conditions? Yes, but only through the teaching on the Lost Tribes.

Let’s fill out this promise to David by looking at Psalm 89. We have two renderings of the events. First an overview of the basics, verse 4. David’s “seed is established forever, and his throne to all generations.” Then starting in verse 22, David is promised that no enemy would exact (prosper, Isaiah 54:17) upon him, nor through war would his old enemies, Canaanites, Egyptians, Edomites, etc., hurt him. He also gets honor and other good stuff.

Then God reiterates the forever part in verse 29. Not satisfied, God makes sure we heard by pinning His promise to the Sun and the Moon. Jeremiah echoes Nathan in chapters 31 and 33. In 33:17 he says that, “David shall never want a man (ruler) to sit upon the throne of the house of Israel.” And 31:35-36 says if there’s a sun, moon or stars, there’ll be a nation Israel.
The only conclusion that can be drawn from these promises is that somewhere in the world, this minute, there is a bloodline descendant of King David ruling over the descendants of the Israelites.

Let’s show off God a bit. See how He worked out this mission. Gen 49 is a crossroads of the Bible. Yet most people don’t understand the implications of Jacob’s actions in passing out the blessings and birthright before he dies. Jacob gives Joseph, and therefore his boys Ephraim and Manasseh, all the good stuff. Virtually the whole birthright. Jacob only keeps back the right to be king of the family and make it’s governing laws. This means that although Joseph and his family will be the rich nobility of Israel, someone from Judah( a Judean not the mis-translated Jew) will be king.

When Joseph dies, the Tribe of Ephraim will be the pre-eminent tribe of the nation, but will accede to Judah in being king. As soon as Joseph dies in Egypt, some one from the tribe of Judah will take the rulership under Pharaoh. This person will be from the Zarah family of Judah; he was firstborn. Two hundred years after the secession of Judah from the nation Israel, Assyria conquers Samaria and deports the ten tribes(millions of them) to northern Mesopotamia. Most of them migrate to northwest Europe and the British Isles over the next 17 centuries. But never fear, we still have a Judahite king in Jerusalem named Zedekiah. Oops! Here comes Nebuchadnezzor. He conquers Judah, kills Zedekiah’s sons and carries Zedekiah and 95% of the people to Babylon. The line is cut!! What about David’s promise now?

No problem. The Zarah line is ruling all across the northern Mediterranean. By this time they’ve got colonies in Spain, Ireland, and Britain. But the “throne of David” is not in those places. It is in Jerusalem. And the male bloodline has been cut! But not the FEMALE. God allowed the daughters to inherit when no male heirs were available. So Jeremiah takes the King’s two daughters, and leaves for Ireland. He drops off one daughter in Spain and then marries the Pharez-Judah daughter of Zedekiah to the Zarah-Judah High King of Ireland. This final move sets things straight; the way God outlined them. Zarah is back on top. The “throne” is preserved. The resting place for Israel is being prepared for the arrival of the ten tribes as they begin to migrate across Europe.

A Royal Princess Comes to the British Isles

An old man arrives on an Island with a small group of people in 583 BC. He brings the daughter of a King, a scribe named Simon Brug and some relics. The powerful Milesian High King of all Ireland allows the old man complete control. Instituting laws, schools and congresses, the old man forever changes the face of the Island’s history, and subsequently the history of the entire world. Apparently incidental to all this, is the fulfilling of a 500 year old prophecy.

Few people know that Jeremiah was much more than a prophet. He tends to get lumped in with Isaiah, Ezekial, and the others. Jeremiah did more than go around speaking doom and gloom. He held a high level position in the kingdom of Judah. He was the grandfather of King Zedekiah. II Kings 24:18. Most importantly, Jeremiah was God’s Trustee of the Bloodline and the Throne of David.

Jeremiah’s commission has always puzzled scholars. One can find where Jeremiah rooted out, pulled down, destroyed, and threw down kingdoms. History shows that his prophecies about the destruction of kingdoms came true. The mystery is, where did Jeremiah “build and plant?” The scriptural account doesn’t contain any building and planting. There is also some confusion about Jeremiah’s being put “over the nations.” It would appear at first glance that this meant his prophesying against them. This is not the case. First, Jer 1:10 says that God set him “over the nations, not nations (in general). This is repeated with the word kingdoms; the kingdoms. The bible is concerned with only one people, the twelve tribes of Israelites. Jeremiah was to “throw down” AND “build and plant” the Israelite nations. We’ll have to follow his trail to find where he accomplished his mission.

First we’ll look at the Biblical account. Jer 15:11-14 tells us Jerry is going to a brand new place he “knowest not.” Isaiah fills out the picture a bit. Isaiah 41:1-3 tells us that a “righteous man from the east” was put over nations and kings. This man would not travel by foot ( on land). Jer 41:10 establishes the presence of the “king’s daughters” in the group with Jeremiah. Jeremiah, as their great-grandfather, would certainly have assumed the position of Guardian. Then we find Jeremiah and the girls going to the Egyptian city of Tahpanhes. In fact, there is an ancient structure there that bears the name, “Palace of the Jew’s daughters.” Isaiah helps us again with a last bit of confirmation, in chapter 37:31, telling us that a “remnant of Judah” shall escape and “take root downward.”

Before going on, we must take notice of what God had promised Jeremiah and his fellow travelers. God told Jeremiah that he’d be treated kindly by the Babylonians and die a natural death. Baruch, Jeremiah’s scribe and Ebed-Melech, the Ethiopian, are also told they’d be spared. The probable number in Jeremiah’s traveling band was five: Jeremiah, Baruch, Ebed-Melech Tea Tephi and her sister.

It’s not so hard to trace the migration of large groups of people. Not so with small groups. But God knows this too, and has left evidence that we may overcome our doubts about Jeremiah’s destination. But we have to go the history books. Only one place in the world claims to have the grave of the prophet Jeremiah. Only one country’s history tells of an old man, and his scribe Brug bringing a king’s daughter from Egypt. Only one country claims the Harp of David for it’s Arms. Only one country has Jerrys coming out of it’s ears.


Although, due to the Bards embellishing the story, accounts of Jeremiah’s arrival and work in Ireland differ in some details, the basic elements of each tale are the same.

The Stone, known as the “Stone of Destiny” came from Spain,  and before that, from Egypt.
It came in the company of an aged guardian, who was called “Ollam Folla”, (Hebrew for revealer or prophet)
Accompanying the man was an eastern king’s daughter
Eochaidh (Eremhon) married the daughter, Tea Tephi
The aged guardian became the most influential Statesman and Spiritual leader of Ireland.

Remember the evidence I mentioned, that God would supply us to confirm Jeremiah’s trip? The following picture is of an inscription found in a tomb located in Schiabhla-Cailliche, near Oldcastle, County, Meath, Ireland, not far from Tara. Thirty-some stones with strange markings upon them, lie in the sepulchral chamber within the huge cairn of stones which make up the tomb. A large carved stone outside the tomb is till pointed out as Jeremiah’s judicial seat. Our confirmation lies on those thirty stones in the cairn.

One interpretation, by George Dansie of Bristol, says the stones show a Lunar Eclipse, in the constellation of Taurus and a conjunction of the planets Saturn and Jupiter in Virgo. The prow of a ship is shown in the center, with five lines indicating the number of passengers it carries. On the left, a part of the ship, perhaps the stern, is shown with only four passengers, one having been left behind, as indicated by the line falling away from the ship. The wavy line indicates the passage of the ship across the ocean, terminating at a central point on an island.

The stellar and planetary alignment of the inscription gives a date of 583 BC. This date allows just the right amount of time for our little band to go to Egypt, and return to Palestine briefly before making their way to Spain, then Ireland.


Buried in the poetry and folk-lore of Ireland is the tale of a Prophet, an Egyptian Princess and Simon Brug (Baruch) a Scribe. They Landed in Ireland about the same time that the destruction of Jerusalem took place, bearing with them a great chest and a stone wrapped on a banner. The Princess married the Zarahite King, Eochaidh II. Ard-dath, Ard-righ, or Heremon (horse man of all Ireland), and their son was Irial. I, (M.R. Munro Faure) give quotations from old Irish verse:

The praises of Tea Tephi, daughter of Lughaidh (equivalent in Erse of Bethel) are sung as:
“The Beautiful One with a Royal Prosperous Smile.”
“Tephi (Hebrew beautiful) the most beautiful that traversed the Plain.”
“Temor of Bregia, whence so called.”

Relate to me O learned Sages,
When was the place called Temor?
Was it in the time of Parthalon of battles?
Or at the first arrival of Caesaire?
Tell me in which of these invasions
Did the place have the name of Tea-mor?
O Tuan, O generous Finchadh,
O Dubhan, Ye venerable Five
Whence was acquired the name of Te-mor?
Until the coming of the agreeable Teah
The wife of Heremon of noble aspect.
A Rampart was raised around her house
For Teah the daughter of Lughaidh (God’s House)
She was buried outside in her mound
And from her it was named Tea-muir.
Cathair, Crofin not inapplicable.
Was its name among the Tuatha-de-Danaan
Until the coming of Tea – the Just
Wife of Heremon of the noble aspect?
A wall was raised around her house
For Tea the daughter of Lughaidh,
(And) she was interred in her wall outside,
So that from her is Tea-mor.
A habitation which was a Dun (Hebrew court) and a fortress
Which was the glory of murs without demolition,
On which the monument of Tea after her death,
So that it was an addition to her dowry.
The humble Heremon had
A woman in beautiful confinement
Who received from him everything she wished for.
He gave her whatever he promised,
Bregatea a meritorious abode
(Where lies) The grave, which is the great Mergech (Hebrew burial place)
The burial place which was not violated.
The daughter of Pharaoh of many champions
Tephi, the most beautiful that traversed the Plain.
She gave a name to her fair cahir,
The woman with the prosperous royal smile,
Mur-Tephi where the assembly met.
It is not a mystery to be said
A Mur (was raised) over Tephi I have heard.
Strength this, without contempt,
Which great proud Queen have formed
The length, breadth of the house of Tephi,
Sixty feet without weakness
As Prophets and Druids have seen.

All things are possible with God

The chart below briefly shows the progression of the Royal lines Zarah-Judah and Pharez-Judah. I have read that Queen Victoria spent one million Pounds establishing her genealogy. There is a wonderful genealogy chart produced by R.H. Milner which lists ALL the kings to descend out of Judah. The list of Royal lines included on this chart: Troy, Sicambrians, Franks, ancient British, Byzantine, Tudor, Anglo-Saxons, Norse, Normans, Guelph, Wettin, Skiold, Irish, Scottish, and Hungarian.

Royal Family Tree descended from our Ancient Hebrew Ancestors

Royal Family Tree descended from our Ancient Hebrew Ancestors


I can recall one place in Spain that is named after a Biblical family; however not one of the tribes. This is Zaragosa, which comes from Zarah, Judah’s first-born.

It was Zarah’s family that ruled for over a 100 years in Egypt after Joseph’s death, and before the Egyptians revolted against the (Hyksos) foreign rulers. At that time the nobility, the Zarahites, fled across the Mediterranean sea to already established cities. Cities that had been founded by their own family: Troy, Athens, Miletus, and more. Diodorus talks of two exoduses out of Egypt, one by sea, one under Moses. These Zarahites then migrated west, the Milesian/Zarahites arriving in Spain and Ireland near 600-700 BC.

One famous Trojan/Zarahite named Brutus landed in Britain 1103 BC and founded New Troy; later to be renamed London.

It’s this Zarah stream of the Judah line that makes sense out of Ezekiel’s prophecy of 17:22-24 and 21:25-27. The high tree is the Pharez line, the low tree is the Zarah line. Him that is high is Pharez, him that is low is Zarah. It was the Pharez line that came out of Egypt as the rulers of the Judah line(Jacob gave Judah the sceptre and lawmaking). With the Zarahites gone to the northern Mediterranean, the Pharezites took their rightful place as rulers.

The exalting of the Zarah line was when Tea Tephi – one of King Zedekiah’s daughters – married the High Zarahite King of Ireland about 583 BC. Thereby bringing the two lines together and establishing the Zarah line again as pre-eminent. All the kings and queens of the British Isles and northwest Europe come out of that union.

And why not? Didn’t God say that David would “never want for a man on the throne?” These kings and queens out of the line of Judah were and have been ruling over the Lost Tribes these many centuries: 25-plus.


God had to get the “Isles afar off” ready for the House Israel, so He sent two Houses of Zarah-Judah; the Trojans to England and the Milesians to Ireland. Brutus, the grandson of the Trojan King Aeneas, rounded up hundreds of defeated rebels after the seige of Troy, and made his way to Spain where some of his countrymen had previously migrated. Many of these compatriots sailed with Brutus as he went to England. He landed there in 1103 BC, moved inland somewhat until coming to a likely spot for a settlement. He gave this town the name of New Troy. This was later to become the capitol of the reconstituted tribe of Ephraim, and the final resting place of the Davidic Throne. London. God was also preparing this land for the influx of Israelites which started some 500 years later.

Some centuries later, God had replaced those Spanish Zarahite Trojans with their cousins the Zarahite Milesians. After living for some time in Spain, some of the princes struck out to establish new kingdoms in Ireland. To do this they had to conquer their cousins of the tribe of Dan; the Tuatha de Dannan. After a family squabble that left only one of the original three brothers who came to Ireland, Eochaidh (Yo-kee) The Heremon (king) assumed the throne of Ard-Righ, High King. This all happened around 600 BC. Eochaidh was well in place to receive the bloodline of the Davidic line of Pharez-Judah.

Within three years of the final fall of Jerusalem, God’s Trustee of the Davidic Throne, arrives in Ireland with his scribe Simon Brug, a curious collection of ancient relics, which include a harp, a large chest, a three hundred pound stone, and more. Beside one other in the party, the band of four was rounded out by the daughter of the blinded, imprisoned King of Judah, Zedekiah.

It wasn’t enough for God to keep the promise that Judah would supply the rulers of the Tribes of Israel. If that were the case, then God could have quit right there and had a day off. He would have had some Zarah-Judah kings ready for the Lost Tribe’s arrival starting around 500 BC. But He’d made that promise to David. So David’s bloodline had to be in the mix, too. That’s why He had to draft Jeremiah to “plant” that bloodline in the future land of Israel. God’s plan for Israel had been side-tracked. With the marriage of Zarah-Judah Eochaidh to David-Pharez-Judah Tea Tephi, things were again set right according to God’s Plan, Promise and Prophecy:

1-Judah would have the sceptre; Gen 49:10
2-David would have his “man on the throne;” II Sam 7:16
3-Israel would assume it’s new land, II Sam 7:10, to “renew” it’s strength, Is 41:1, for the spreading of Christianity.
4-The fulfillment of a multitude of prophecies by Ezekiel, Isaiah, Hosea, and others.

It’s Jeremiah’s Law coming from the Law of Moses coming from the very Hand of God that became Irish Common Law, then British Common Law, which processed through our Pilgrims as the Mayflower Compact, and became our Constitution.

The Coronation Stone: Jacob’s Pillow

Coronation Stone (Stone of Scone)

Coronation Stone (Stone of Scone)

The coronation stone which sits in Westminster Abbey, England, is the coronation stone of the Hebrew nation called Israelites. This stone was named Beth-el (house of God) by the patriarch Israel (sometimes called Jacob) roughly 2000 BC and remained with his descendents. It traveled with them for forty years in the wilderness, supplying their water, and was preserved and brought to Ireland in 583 BC by the prophet Jeremiah; eventually being transferred to Scotland, then England.

The Rock

Before all, Moses strikes the rock once and all drink from the issuing waters
Num 20:7-11 at Kadesh, Moses strikes the rock twice
Num 20:17-19 Moses writes a letter to Edom asking passage through the land, without drinking water.
Num 21:21-22 Moses writes same to Sihon, King of the Ammorites; at Arnon

Location and size of Edom and Ammon: below and northeast of the Dead Sea, roughly 75 miles thourgh each country.


ALL references are to a specific rock. Not “a” rock, not “some” rock, not “rock”, but THE rock.

Ex 17:1-6 God stands on THE rock
Num 20:7-11 THE rock(four times) at tabernacle door.
Deut 8:15 THE rock of flint
Deut 32:13-15 Honey/oil of THE rock
Neh 9:15 water from THE rock
Ps 78:15-16 streams out of THE rock
Ps 78:20 smote THE rock
Ps 81:16 honey out of THE rock
Ps 105:41 he opened THE rock
Ps 114:8 turned THE rock
Is 48:21 clave THE rock (twice)
I Cor 10:4 spiritual Rock; THAT Rock was Christ


Notice the groove worn deeply into the Rock between the two metal rings. This would have to result from many years of carrying the Rock on a pole. And this had to have happened before 583 BC when Jeremiah brought the Rock to Ireland, because it has been moved a very few miles in the last 2500 years. This groove is the result of being carried around the wilderness for forty years.

Irish legend says that any imposter or unrightful heir to the throne would be known by the fact that the stone would roar ONLY when the rightful king stood on it.


House of Israel: Joseph gets Bethel Rock, Bethel mountain, 10 Tribed kingdom, Sceptre
House of Judah: Judah gets the Spiritual Rock, Jesus.
Both Rocks were rejected. Bethel so it could travel to be with The People, Israel, in the British Isles.


Coronation Chair

Coronation Chair

Queen Elizabeth is the current descendent of King David and makes real the promise given to him by God – that a ruler would always sit upon the throne of David.

The Coronation Chair of England has been in constant use to crown the Monarchs of England since 1296 AD when Edward I had it constructed for his coronation. The chair was built specifically to house the Coronation Stone which Edward brought from Scotland. It had resided there since being brought by Fergus from Ireland in 500 AD. It’s earliest use as a Coronation stone in Ireland was 583 BC when Eochaide the Heremon was crowned High King of Ireland after his marriage to Tea Tephi, the daughter of Zedekiah, the king of Judah conquered by Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC.

All the kings of Israel, the whole nation, then the Kingdom of Judah, were crowned standing on or beside this Stone. Upon Jeremiah’s arrival in Ireland, 583 BC, with the Stone, the Stone was again put in use to crown the Royalty of Israel. Eochaide and Tea Tephi were the complete fulfillment of Jacob’s command that Judah should rule over the people of the twelve tribes. Eochaide was a descendent of the Zarah line of Judah, while Tea Tephi was of the Pharez line of Judah. The Zarah line, as firstborn, ruled in Egypt after the death of Joseph. Non-ruling princes of the family migrated over the next 150 years, founding the city-states of Troy, Athens, Miltetus, and others along the northern Mediterranean. Then about 150 years before the Exodus, when the King of Upper (southern) Egpyt conquered the Hyksos(Zarahite) rulers, the ruling family fled leaving the Pharez line of Judah in Egypt. This “first” Exodus out of Egypt is mentioned by the historian Diodorus. Brutus of Troy went in 1103 BC and founded New Troy, later renamed London. The Milesians migrated west establishing settlements in Spain and then Ireland.

With the arrival of Tea Tephi, and her subsequent marriage to the Milesian king Eochaide, the two lines of Zarah and Pharez were brought together. From this first marraige, all the Kings and Queens of northwest Europe would descend.

Notice that the three times the Stone moved is the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s prophecy regarding the three overturns mentioned in chapter 21, verses 25-27

The latest descendant of the Zarah/Pharez line of Judah is Queen Elizabeth II. She also happens to be the current fulfillment of the prophecy of Nathan to King David II Samuel 7:10-17. In that passage, David is promised that he would have a direct bloodline descendant ruling over the people of Israel forever. Psalm 89 confirms that this would be the case as long as the sun and moon can be seen in the sky.