The letter below is a recent letter from National Director Thomas Robb to the editor of a small newspaper in North East Missouri. It was a written response to several news stories they carried regarding Knights’ activity in the area. It is being used in this commentary section because it addresses issues which exists in communities everywhere.

Dear Editor,

I have read several of the articles which have appeared in the Monitor-Index over the past couple of weeks and I must admit I find them to be a bit amusing. I want to say that I believe Chuck Embree is appearing to be fair and objective in his reporting and I want to commend him for what appears to be unbiased reports.

Never-the-less there are some things I would like to make clear. In the April 4th edition of the Monitor Index there are several items which are inaccurate and I would be honored to have the opportunity to briefly respond to some of those inaccuracies and statements of misunderstanding.

Linden Vanlandingham said that “Nobody around Paris wants to see this organization (KKK) come here.” The fact is we have been organized in the area since the early 80’s. For Vanlandingham to make such a wide sweeping statement is about as childish as a grade school child arguing to their parents, “Everybody is doing it.” I really do not believe he took the time to find out if it is true that “Nobody around Paris wants to see this.” Come now Mr. Vanlandingham -NOBODY! You mean to tell me that nobody wants to see the Klan in Paris?

Mr. Embree is quite correct to say that I have not returned his calls. However, my failure to do so is a result of time limitations. He has spoken with other representatives at the national office. I have not avoided Mr. Embree, I am simply busy. But, it is a lie for Mallory, the regional president of the NAACP and a preacher to make the claim. He has never left any messages at our office. To be truthful though, even if he had I would not have returned his call because I would be afraid he would be going around claiming that I called to harass, intimidate or threaten him.

As a Christian in the tradition of our forefathers, I am fed up with men like Mallory who hide behind the cloak of Christianity and the name of Jesus Christ while promoting their anti white hatred and bigotry.

Furthermore in your April 4th edition it states, “The fliers (KKK fliers) which appeared inside a few newspapers were illegally distributed and without the consent of the Monitor- Index.” Surely you know dissemination of information is a constitutionally protected activity and is not illegal nor do I need the consent of the Monitor-Index to engage in such activity.

Mallory said he has “contacted the criminal justice department in Kansas City.” Is Mallory attempting to imply that the distribution of literature upon the streets (a public forum) is a criminal activity. Mallory shows his anti white bias and hate by his attempt to intimidate into silence anyone who is willing to speak on behalf of our white Christian heritage.

It is this kind of bias and hate which causes people to be fearful to openly identify with the KKK or any other group of Christians who speak in support of white men, women, and children. For years white people have attempted to get along, yet Negroes continue to threaten, harass, and make demands. White people, in general and white children specifically are being targeted daily with a guilt complex, while Negro bigots hide behind a shroud of pseudo love and goodwill.

I read in the Monitor about KKK activity in Monroe and Randolph counties being a mystery. There is no mystery. We are ever on the campaign trail to bring a message of hope and deliverance to our people. There is no law being broken nor is there the intention to violate the law. The only law we see being violated is the appalling disregard for the constitutionally protected right of citizens to freely spread political ideas in the public forum. Mallory’s implied threats that he will have law officials and political leaders investigate the distribution of our literature is an outrageous attempt to silence free speech and a blatant disregard for first amendment protections. I think I am safe in saying that law enforcement officers of Monroe and Randolph counties are not the toy soldiers of Mallory. There is no law which prohibits free expression of ideas and I do not suspect law enforcement officials will dance to Mallory’s demands. My experience over the years has led me to believe most law enforcement personnel conduct themselves in a professional manner and are not too quick to begin chasing rabbits for publicity hounds like Mallory.

Such attempts by Mallory and others will fail. I have no concern about police investigations, FBI investigations or investigations by any other public or private organization. Let them investigate all they want – I encourage them – I implore them to do so!

There are too many people like Mallory or Vanlandingham who have done their Klan “research” by reading comic books, watching late night television or seeing actors appearing on the Jerry Springer show claiming to be members of the Klan.

I suppose such simpletons think all wrestling is real too!

Unfortunately the media is all too quick to publicize every loser or moron who commits a crime against a minority and yet remains totally silent about the daily assaults, muggings, rapes, and murders perpetrated against white people. In fact there are major sections of every large city where it is unsafe for a white man to walk down the streets.

Representatives from the national office have made several trips to Columbia to meet with associates from the surrounding communities and I assure you interest for the Klan in Moberly, Paris, and the whole region is on par with the rest of the nation.

We have no time nor interest in hating black people or anyone else of color. Our interest is with our people. Nationwide, more and more white people are realizing they have been betrayed by those political, religious, business, and educational leaders they thought they could trust. The treachery upon our Christian faith, the assault upon our moral sensitivities, the betrayal of our national sovereignty, the acts of genocide upon our European heritage, and the murder of our unborn all stand as evidence that our people have forsaken the faith of their ancestors. Our message is white Christian revival.

I’ll leave the hatred, the acts of intimidation, the demand to absolve the first amendment, and the attempt to manipulate law enforcement agencies to Mallory. Associates of The Knights’ and myself will continue in our mission (activity) of reaching out to touch the hearts of our people. Our people have a right to preserve their race and heritage the same as minorities. Our people have a right to love their race and heritage the same as minorities. Our people have a right to be proud of their race and heritage the same as minorities. The trouble is every time a white person tries to say these things, people like Mallory attempt to silence them. The real hatred is coming from the heart and the eyes of those who stand upon a soap box proclaiming black pride to the world then will scream “bigot, monster, hater, Nazi, white supremacist, racist” at the tiny voice of a solitary white person who whispers “I’m white and proud.”

Thomas Robb, National Director