That is a good question. Usually the programs they make about the KKK on TV just show really mean acting men. Sometimes the men they show are made to act really dumb. And sometimes the KKK guys they show are suppose to be really evil with bombs and guns and airplanes and they try to take over the world and kill all the people. That’s because the very very rich people who own the TV shows and newspapers and movies don’t like white Christians.

They are so rich they can tell the politicians what to do. Some of them own most of the banks too. The politicians will do almost everything they say – even pass laws that hurt white Christians. When the KKK says, “No! That isn’t right”, the crooked politicians think to themselves, “Since we own the TV and movies that the people watch, and we own the newspapers people read, we can just tell lies about the KKK for so long that people will believe it. Then we can do what ever we want and when the KKK says something about it…ha one will listen!”

One of the lies is that there aren’t women or kids in the KKK. They say that so kids and women won’t listen to the KKK. And nice men who love their kids and wives might not like the KKK if the KKK doesn’t like their families….so it’s a good lie to tell – they think.

The truth is that there are women and kids in the KKK. Women are in The Knights because they care about their country, they care about their race, and they care about the kids. Young people are in the KKK because they want to learn about their heritage and they want to help make the world a better place. Men join because they want to protect their families and their Christian friends and neighbors from being destroyed in the future. We are all working together because we love Jesus and we want to help our people and the world.