Boston Officials Ask Black Panther Party for Help

It is so easy to get disgusted with the many negative news reports that are continually aired on television and radio, and printed in newspapers and magazines. Most people will say, “Well, that’s the world we live in today.” Others will try to take a stand, make a difference, and get involved somewhere in order to change society for the better.

This story is about such a group – a group that is trying to make a difference in the lives of those living on the streets of Boston, Massachusetts. In recent months, Boston has endured a renewed outbreak of violence. The city of Boston has enlisted the help of the state police, DEA, ATF, and several other law enforcement agencies in what is known as “Operation Neighborhood Shield.”

Black on black crime is getting so out of hand that Boston city officials are now committed to bringing it to a halt by any means necessary. However, in addition to the regular law enforcement agencies, they have now called to action the Black Panther Party. That is right, the Black Panther Party.

My eyes never opened so wide, as when I read an article in the Boston Herald about the newly legitimized Black Panther Party raising the African liberation flag at city hall plaza in an attempt to unify the black community. A Press conference was held immediately after.

According to the Herald, Jamarhl Crawford, chair of the Boston chapter of the Black Panther Party offered several suggestions for solving the black on black crime epidemic. He spoke about Black reparations for slavery, the effect of drugs on the black communities, and the police response to the surging crime in hot-spot neighborhoods. Crawford went on to say that he feels that the federal law enforcement officers have no place in taking part with “Operation Neighborhood Shield” because they have a common goal of just ”locking up blacks.”

The Herald cited the commemoration of the 117th birthday of Marcus Garvy, as the reason for the flag ceremony. Marcus Garvey was a black nationalist who worked to bring the blacks home to Africa. He was very successful until Jewish interests worked to discredit him. Of course, the Black Panther Party does not share the “Back to Africa” idea of Garvey.

Since the start of operation “Neighborhood Shield”, police have arrested 164 people and confiscated 19 firearms from gangs in the black community – a mere dent.

I find it to be a double standard that the Black Panther Party should be honored with distinction by their involvement with the neighborhood program. The notion is ridiculous because anytime police do apprehend criminals in the black community; the cops are labeled as racist. Yet, if they do nothing it is said they do not care about the black community. It is a no win situation for police. The Black Panther Party is not concerned about liberating blacks from poverty or crime unless it includes taking something away from whites. Boston officials should be ashamed!