What are Our Goals?
We have many goals. There are long range goals and short range goals. Some of our short range goals are to tell people our beliefs, to help people figure out that the media lies about many things, and to get people to love their heritage and care about the future of their particular race, whether they are white, black, Asian, etc.

Our very farthest long range goal is peace on Earth. As Christians we know that Jesus has promised us peace on earth one day.

Until that time comes we believe that God wants us to teach the Bible and to have a land where Christians aren’t persecuted.

This is why the white Christians came to this place called America which was named by a Christian man and it means the Kingdom of God.

In Europe the different countries’ laws said that you had to go to this church or that church and had to believe the exact same thing about the Bible. So the Pilgrims came and together with their descendents formed a Christian government. The laws said you could be Methodist, or Baptist, or Catholic, or Lutheran, etc. but if you wanted to teach or hold public office you had to be a Christian. They knew that Christianity was the key to liberty.

Every boy and girl was taught the virtues of the 10 commandments in school. If someone wasn’t a Christian they could still live here, but they weren’t allowed to do anything that could in any way do harm to Christians or the Christian faith. America was the first Christian government. Even the idea of separation of powers into 3 groups was from the Bible. America was a great Christian nation.

America is still a great nation, but lots of bad things are happening everyday. Moms are killing their little helpless babies, men want to marry other men and have boyfriends, and women want to date other women. Murderers get to go free from prison all the time. Adults who hurt children hardly have to go to jail at all. The TV shows and movies make fun of Christians. They lie and say that white people are doing all of these terrible things to black people. They say the whole world should join together under one big government which would control all the countries and people.

Doesn’t anyone ever think that maybe in the future the anti-Christ is a one world government that controls all the people and says we must all become one color? There will be no more of God’s rainbow then.

No, we don’t want this to happen. People are getting tricked. They say they believe in diversity, but you can’t have diversity if every one in the world mixes up into the same thing.

Knowing the goals of The Knights Party is easy. We want to have a Christian America again. We want to look out for the true world’s minority – the white people – then we can help look after the other people in the world. The Bible says that if we take care of our Christian brothers and sisters and live a good Christian life then our country will be blessed. When our nation is blessed again by God and there aren’t so many terrible things happening in America to the white Christians, God will multiply our blessings and then we can be a blessing to all the children of the world.