Who was Mrs. Lappidoth? Most people don’t recognize the name of this woman of the Bible. That is because God always called her by her own name-Deborah.

God has a special plan for each of us and a job for each of us. He never loses sight of who we are or what he has set out to do in our lives.

Deborah found out God’s unusual plan for her life, and never stopped trusting in him once she discovered his plan. Deborah was a judge during the days when her nation was oppressed by the king of Canaan. They came to her with all of their grievances, to settle legal disputes and make laws for the land.

She never told them, “What can I do? I’m only a woman.” She was known all throughout the kingdom to be wise and compassionate in the ways of Almighty God.

Israel was under the iron heel despotism of a heathen neighboring country. Sisera was the wicked military leader. Deborah was the judge, prophet, and commander of Israel. She called Barak, the general of Israel’s military force and said, “Has not the lord God commanded you to mobilize ten thousand men and go up to Mount Tabor, and he would deliver Sisera into your hands?”

Barak’s answer was surprising to those who are unfamiliar with the military traditions of Israel. He said to Deborah, “I will go-if you will go with me!

It was common in the nation of Israel for the Lord’s prophet to oversee the battles to bring the Lord’s blessing upon it. Deborah was God’s spokesman to Israel. Barak wanted the assurance of having God’s divine spokesman at his side.

Deborah agreed to go, but only on one condition-he must not take credit for the battle. The credit was the lord’s.

Barak began gathering his army together, fearing the army of Sisera who had nine hundred chariots of iron while he had non. He had no weapons for his army, either. He seemed to forget that “one plus God is a majority.” He still dragged his feet.

Deborah finally came to him one day and said, “up! This is the day. The Lord God has gone out before you.”

The victory was won that day, but not before wicked king Sisera escaped. He took refuge in the tent of Jael, a friend of Deborah, who lived in another camp. Jael, however, believed in the Lord God. While Sisera lay down to sleep, she took a wooden peg and a hammer and drove the peg through his skull killing him.

The people sang a song of praise. The Bible tells us that Gods’ people had rest and peace for forty years- because one woman and her loyal friend Jael trusted in God and acted on their belief in Him.