By John

Writing an article for the “Crusader” is something I enjoy very much. There is only one problem. What should I write about? You would think this to be at best a silly question. With all that is facing our people and our nation such as gay Marriage, illegal immigration, the disintegration of education in public schools, interracial dating, black on white crime, and a whole “laundry list” of other issues, what could the problem be picking a topic to write about? Well, to tell you the truth, there is no problem what so ever, and I find this sad indeed.

Most, if not all of these issues we are aware of, we hear of them everyday, and I would hope that we do our very best to bring these very same issues into the light of day so that those who are ignorant of these problems or for some strange reason choose to close their eyes to the obvious and go with the flow will find some strength and some hope.

I often ask myself, what’s wrong with these people? Can’t they see what’s happening? My God, what is it going to take to “open their eyes? Our people have been shamed into submission.

We now live in a nation where it seems right is wrong and wrong is right. The attack upon our race and our cultural, religious, and moral values is gaining momentum and “hardy” approval by those “special interest” organizations such as the ADL, JWC, NAACP… who would love nothing more than to see our White Christian Race, and Heritage slip away into a sea of color, poverty and crime.

I know to all of us in The Knights this is very disturbing and may not be what most of us want to hear, but sad to say it is a cold hard reality. Everyday, our children who go to public school are being conditioned into thinking that to “mix” with a non white is the “in thing to do.”, that homosexuality is just an “alternative lifestyle,” that God is just a myth” and that to take pride in our heritage is “just wrong.” On television we see an ever increasing number of shows aimed at our children promoting interracial mixing.

Ask yourself this question, Do you really believe this is being done by accident? Could it be that those who have created these shows don’t realize what they are doing? Not for one moment! The reason why these shows and the music of today are aimed at your children is because as the old cliché goes, “the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” What an easy way to shape the future and mold it into what you want. Of course this is the way it works with children. And the Bible tells us to teach our children and for society to teach our children the ways of God. The children will most definitely learn a lifestyle and it will either be a Christian lifestyle or a nonChristian lifestyle.

There are more and more so called “minority” talk shows such as “The Black forum”, “The Jewish perspective”, “Asian Community today, and Gay in the USA… that deal with the concerns of these different groups, but never will you see a “network” show dealing with White Christian issues! Again, is this by design? You bet it is!

For years now I have heard people say that one day there is going to be a “Race war.” Well let me say the “race war” started a long time ago. It is not a war of guns and violence, but a war of Christian values, cultural heritage, and racial pride. Yes, I know that war is a strong word, but what we are going through as a people is not a “Sunday walk in the park” it is indeed a war.

While writing this article I also wanted to give hope and I wanted to encourage my fellow brothers and sisters in the “Knights” to strive to do more. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that we all do the best we can under the circumstances, but more needs to be done!

I live in Massachusetts -steeped in “Tradition and Patriotism.” It is the spot where “The shot heard round the world” was fired, but yet we are being defeated day after day, it seems. What we need is a good swift kick in the pants!! This is not a “Sunday walk in the park IT IS A WAR!”

The United States of America is no longer “The land of the free”! It has become “The land of the free loaders”! The myth of the United States being a “melting pot” has gone by the boards and has now become apparent to those whose eyes have been opened that we are more like a cesspool than a melting pot! Yes a cesspool! A condition that these illegal appear to thrive in at our expense!

If given their way and left unchecked by our masters in Washington DC, and if we as a people continue to remain silent and complacent, we will get what we deserve!

We will no longer be known as the United States of America, but perhaps “Republic slums of Amafrica” or how about “Amexico”!

We will be forced to live in their “rich culture” of poverty and crime, on littered streets, where tribal warfare replaces the ballot box! Is this the kind of America we want for our children? Of course not! Is this the kind of America we as a God fearing race should settle for? Absolutely not!

Am I kidding? Well just take a hard look around where you live and you

tell me. I know this message is a hard one for all to hear but our future if left unchanged will be darker than the skin of those who would one day be our masters!

We must Pray, we must stand tall, we must unite, and we must take back our “One Nation under God” from these crooked politicians, those of Jewish influence, homosexual perverts, and the invasion of the uncivilized pagan world. This is a white Christian nation, and we must achieve Victory! We can not afford to fail! We must stand up and be counted!

This is a call to action, a call to do more! As I have said in the past we are the first and last line of defense for our people! That “Thin White line!”

So, how may we best fight this war?

(1st) Pray! We must turn to God through his son Christ Jesus and pray for his direction and intervention in this battle of spiritual darkness that has overtaken our nation.

(2nd) And I can’t stress this enough, distribute Knights literature! I know that I write of this quite often but it is so very important and the best way to get our message of “Hope and Deliverance” to our people! There is a strong undercurrent of white people world wide who are abhorred by the attack on white people. There is an ever growing number of people who are sick about something, but can’t quite put their finger on it.

The first thing a village, town, or city should do that is under attack is to sound the alarm. Our nations leaders aren’t sounding that alarm, they are trying to help the attackers sneak in. It is up to us to be as Pastor Robb points out so many times, watchmen on the wall. Pastor Robb reminds us that it is God who tells us to be watchmen. When we don’t take our responsibility seriously, we are in disobedience to God.

“Knights” literature sounds so simple – too simple to be of any good. But we are promised by God that His word will not return void. Literature can be ordered from HQ, and also downloaded off the main web page and “members” page. There is also a “Suggested activities” section on the members page that can give you ideas.

“White Resistance News” Web show is another huge effort on the part of The Knights. People from all over the world watch the show. After almost 20 years it is still the only program of its kind. It in itself is an accomplishment that all members of The Knights should be proud of – because your support makes it possible.

It is our task with the Lords strength to get this job done! We must WARN our people and with that warning tell them there is hope if they will turn back to God and His laws for humanity.