Rev. Heslip, Klansman – NY

How have we let this nation get to this state of mind? In a recent issue of The Crusader I saw the headline (above: Ignore Parents/Promote Homosexuality) talking about this very issue – and pointing out the society we now are in when it is popular for Christian parents to be ignored in favor of the promotion of homosexuality.

I don’t understand people’s thinking in this country. “Equal rights for all” does not exist. Equal rights appear only to apply to the minorities, the antichristian atheists, the race mixers and gays.

Do I support hate? No! Do I support The Knights Party? Absolutely! This nation is lost and on its way to hell. People need to wake up and fight for what is right. It’s too bad this has almost become a cliché`. However, it is still just as true. We must put out the effort.

I currently am not a parent, but I deal with children on a daily basis and I know that we must teach children on the foundation that there are things that are sinful; things that are right and wrong.

Some of you may remember Johnny Rebel. He was the man that put out white pride albums in the 60’s and 70’s. When asked if he was a racist, he said “No”. His way of thinking is that if he does not want to associate with certain people then he shouldn’t have to and he should not be considered a racist for it. He is right. The minorities are praised for being proud of their race, but we are condemned for it. Where is the equality in this? I am a white man who believes in white Christian values, and this does not make me a bad person. I treat everyone with the same respect that they treat me.

They tell our children that it is wrong to speak of God in public, but it is good to flaunt homosexuality in public. What goes on in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom. If you are gay, that is not my problem until you try to force acceptance of that lifestyle on me. We do not advocate prying into one’s personal life within the privacy of the home. However, when homosexuals make their lifestyle public, then it becomes a community problem that should be dealt with by public authorities.

The growing number of homosexuals is due to their practice of no longer staying in the closet. When they keep their lifestyle choices private, it is between them and God. God will choose when and if He will place conviction upon their heart.

However, when they make their choices public, the Bible tells us that it then is no longer between the sinner and God. Homosexuality is contagious. Of course, I realize that statement may sound insane to some and homosexual activists will make fun of it. A person does not “catch” homosexuality as they would the common flu bug. But homosexuality is a mental depravity that has severe consequences for society and its social acceptance IS contagious. It is increasingly viewed by even children as a legitimate form of a romantic relationship that should receive God’s blessing.

Homosexuality and miscegenation are two great sins that are undermining marriage and family. As a minister of God, I am duty bound to look after the spiritual health of our people. A Christian should not be selfish and only concerned about their own salvation, but should also care about the well-being of their brothers and sisters; and not only in the after life, but in the here and now. The Bible spends 80% of its time, in the instruction of having a Godly society so that the people may live in harmony with God and each other. This is what I believe in. I have to live my life to the best of my ability and this is what God will judge me by, though I may fall short. I hope that you too will live your life to the best of your ability, to study Gods word, to speak out against sin, and to work with others through The Knights in warning our brothers and sisters of the plague that threatens to destroy our nation. Remember friends, to whom much is given – much is required.