While many continue to extol the enormous benefits of cultural diversity, there still exists within the other races a lack of respect for human life. Sure we are always told that the cold analytical white race is a ruthless people with little consideration for the rights of others and that the other nice and toasty warm races are just that..warmer, more personable and more compassionate. Yet no difference is more profound between the races than their treatment of women. And according to Alex Toquevile, the 18t century English Commentator on American life, the success and happiness of a nation corresponds with the way in which it reveres and regards its women. And for the most part white Christian nations have always beheld its women with high esteem.

Yet, now we are being asked to embrace the cultures of other races. We must be understanding and compliant of their strange customs, we are told. Indeed America as well as other white nations around the world are soaking up the incredible excess of millions of non-white heathens. Through increased immigration and propaganda directed at our youth – our people are beginning accept these other cultural attitudes. But its more than the food, or he clothing, or the music that other races may gravitate toward, it is their disregard for humanity that will be the trait our people end up with if they aren’t careful. One of these cultural racially ingrained traits that is so dangerous is their treatment of women. Whether it is the ritual mutilation of girls in Africa, the routine infanticide of girls in India, or the servant/slave position that many girls in China are being placed in, these attitudes are prevalent throughout 80% of the world – the nonwhite world.

Now, in China, a nation of a billion people who due to free trade are expected to begin flooding into the U.S. in unimaginable numbers during this decade the female sex is being looked upon as a commodity. The trade is illicit but thriving: baby girls, abducted or bought from Chinese farm families, sold to others who want a daughter, a servant or a future bride for a son. And despite police crackdowns on gangs that sell thousands of babies a year, the government’s own birth-control policies that limit most couples to one child appear to add to the demand.

The discovery last week of 28 baby girls, none older than 3 months, packed in nylon tote bags aboard a long-distance bus in southern China was a striking example of the trade but far from unusual, Chinese officials and experts in family issues say.

“Demand for girl infants is big in China’s rural areas,” said Song Liya, editor of the newspaper China Women’s News.

Most buyers of baby girls are families that have a boy and want a second child, said an official in Beijing for the official All-China Women’s Federation. Sometimes, she said, a girl might be kept to work around the house or till the fields until she is a teenager, then sold to a family whose son needs a wife or to a brothel.

The baby girls might have been abducted, abandoned or sold by their parents, said the official, who would give only her surname, Li “In infant trafficking rings, many children’s parents are also the sellers,” Li said. “So in many cases, it’s almost impossible to find out the origins of the children.”

The scale of the trade isn’t clear, but China’s Justice Ministry says a three-month-long nationwide crackdown in 2000 resulted in the rescue of some 10,000 babies.

Chinese society has never valued girls as highly as boys, who carry on the family name and look after elderly parents. By contrast, girls join their husbands’ families and are viewed as a worker who takes orders from her new family.

The trade has flourished anew amid looser social controls and tighter enforcement of “one-child” rules meant to restrain the growth of China’s population of 1.3 billion people.

Parents are so intent on a boy that some abort female fetuses and kill or abandon baby girls in order to try again. Incredible as it sounds pickled fetuses have become a sought after delicacy in very rural areas of China. That has led to a lopsided ratio of boys to girls that experts say could, in coming decades, leave tens of millions of men without wives.

The government recently banned abortion as a means of selecting a baby’s sex, the official Xinhua News Agency reported last week.

Still, the shortage has prompted some parents to acquire future brides for their sons as babies, said Song, the newspaper editor. She said infants are considered more appealing because they are less likely to run away, will look on their buyers as their own parents and are cheaper than buying a teenage bride. Buying a baby girl can cost as little as a $100 and won’t result in the fines imposed on couples who violate birth control limits, according to Song. Such fines can equal as much as six years’ income. “The demand has triggered the crime,” she said.

The baby girls found last week in Binyang county in the Guangxi region, one of China’s poorest, were aboard a long-distance bus searched by police at a highway toll plaza.

Police wouldn’t release any details. County officials said Monday that 10 suspects have been detained, though police don’t know where the babies came from or what their destination was.

Police suspect the babies were drugged to keep them quiet during the trip, the newspaper Beijing Morning News said.

One baby died after being found. The others were in “healthy condition” in a local hospital, said an official of the county Women’s Federation who would give only her family name, Ying. She said families in the area have donated baby clothes, milk powder and diapers.

But no parents have come forward to claim them, and it isn’t clear how authorities will find their families, Ying said. “They are too small to speak for themselves.”

This is their culture …and this we’re supposed to respect?