Jesus Christ warned his disciples that the world would hate the Gospel. The reason is simple, there is a battle that is being waged between what the Apostle Paul called the “Children of Light” and the “Children of Darkness.”

This hatred for our Christian faith, however, is manifested in two different ways.

On one hand we have the overt hatred of Bolshevism that gutted churches, toppled alters, raped Christian women and tortured ministers of the Gospel as it seized power in Russia, Cuba and other countries. That kind of hatred is plain, open and easily recognizable.

This kind of hatred is called anti-Christ.

The other kind of hatred is perhaps more diabolical as it works like a termite eating away at the Gospel until it is reduced to a meaningless philosophy of living. Jesus Christ was a good man and his most important message is that we are to love everybody! Those who believe in the absolutes of the Gospel are too extreme to be taken seriously. This form is not Anti-Christianity but Ante-Christianity. It is the replacement of Biblical principles with the philosophy of Secular humanism. It is the forerunner of the return of Christ and is known in scripture as the church of Laodicea (Rev 3:14) Laodicea in the Greek would be best translated as the Church of Human Rights.

In to this mixture we must understand that there is a transition taking place. People who are committed Christians and understand that Christ was not mere mortal, but was in fact the Son of God believes in the absolutes of right and wrong and that God alone is the law giver. These Bible based Christians know that homosexuality is a SIN, racemixing is a SIN, abortion is a SIN and obedience to civil authority above that of Godly authority is idolatry.

Unfortunately, these people are under attack by Liberals, Leftist, Socialists, Humanists, Jews and outright Communists.

As for mainstream Christians no matter how much they bow before the demands of this assortment of bigoted extremists, they can never satisfy them because of their beliefs (although mistaken on some points) in the Gospel. As a result, George W. Bush, John Ashcroft, and others who make the claim that the Bible and Jesus Christ should be the primary guidebook in political decisions are ridiculed and made to appear that they are not qualified to hold public office. And the national media joins right in, pointing out that they are mean-spirited and lack true Christian love for their fellow man.

This twist of Christianity can be seen at Temple University where Michael Mcavaravage attempted to offer a theatrical production showing the holiness and divinity of Jesus Christ. This was his way of protesting another theatrical production at Temple University that displayed Christ and His disciples as being homosexual. Did school officials applaud Michael? No! He was subdued in the administrator’s office and transported to the psychiatric ward of the university.

Another example of the growing hatred for the Gospel was seen in Michigan when a 15-year-old Christian student had had enough of the posters, speeches, and “Intolerance Free Zones” celebrating homosexuality. When he decided to wear a sweatshirt, which said “Straight and Proud” with a tasteful picture on the back of a girl and boy holding hands, he was hauled into the principle’s office and reprimanded. His parents were called and told he must never wear such hateful clothing again. The sweatshirt could lead to violence they were told.

People forget that the twin pillars upon which this nation was built are race and faith. Those Christians who attack us because of our loyalty to faith and race are now attacked for their loyalty to faith alone. Those Christians who snubbed their nose at White Racial Loyalists and walked with an air of self-righteousness because they were not racists are now under attack by the same anti-Christian element that attacked us. Yet we see the “Christians,” even while being attacked and ridiculed and smeared by the avowed enemies of the Cross, bow and scrape before their attackers in a vain effort to prove that they really do love everyone and are not to be confused with those evil racists.

In spite of the teaching of secular humanism, Modernism, and liberal theology, Biblical Christianity (The Old Time Religion and the Faith of our Fathers) is based on racial principles. We must pray that these (mainstream) Christians catch on soon…for the sake of their children. But whether they do or not, we will continue to fight for their children. We must not allow the children to suffer for the ignorance of their elders.