The world’s largest comic publisher – the ones responsible for Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have released the newest 21st –century comic heroes – Apollo and Midnighter, a homosexual couple who live together in a giant spaceship. After saving the world, Apollo and Midnighter cuddle up in bed and watch episodes of Friends. In the comic, the characters are seen kissing and are promoted by celebrity magazine HELLO! as the worlds finest couple.

Mark Miller, the Scottish writer of the gay plot line says “The whole idea of a superheroes the that he or she fights for the underdog, so I don’t see why we shouldn’t have superheroes who are gay…The people they look up to can be gay or straight.” Miller, who is married with a young daughter, says: “The idea is that is low-key and in the background. They will be like any other superheroes, fighting crime and saving the world. It’s just that, at the end of their adventures, they will go to bed, or kiss, or hug. We have gay people in soap operas and movies, so why not comics?” “The heroes could provide teenagers coming to terms with their sexuality with a powerful image.”