Each year we celebrate the contributions of the working men and women of America and then vote for con-artist politicians in November who continue to undermine the nation by their illogical support of NAFTA, GATT, and affirmative action.

The Republicans and Democrats continue to force U.S. factories into foreign markets pushing our manufacturing base into extinction. The politicians may make their outlandish claims that we are on safe economic ground, but it’s quicksand. America is setting itself up for collapse.

America is suffering from a tax system that is stripping citizens of ever increasing proportions of their wages and profits, deceptive budget practices which keep citizens from grasping the full magnitude of massive federal deficits, an ever increasing national debt that that is soaking up needed funds, a runaway system in which the nations wealth is redistributed from those who are productive to those who aren’t productive, and an over all loss of national productivity.

The producers of America, ranging from the littlest farmer or proprietor of a mom and pop store to the great industrial giants, are living under an increasing barrage of violations of their liberty, of edicts that prevent them from engaging in the simplest and the most reasonable activities, of absurd, unintelligible, and self-contradictory acts of coercion and regulation. Billions are spent in capital and manpower to obey bureaucratic orders.

It is obvious that no such viciously arbitrary assault on the American productive system could occur if it were not backed up by the police powers of the state. In form, as well as in substance, the regulatory bureaucracy is dictatorial. Says, one examiner of totalitarianism, All dictatorships use unintelligible laws as an important weapon to control the citizenry. They paralyze their victims, who are cowed by their own incomprehension, who do not know when they are innocent or guilty or when or why punishment will strike. The rulings of American regulatory agencies are largely unintelligible and accordingly the American businessman is cowed into submission and a state of permanent fear. He has no way today of knowing what the law is or whether he or she is in compliance with it. These laws are written by government lawyers in a horrendous bureaucratic jargon which their own agencies cannot even understand themselves on most occasions.

Indeed, the regulatory agencies tend to operate outside the American legal system. Conventionally described as extrajudiciary, they are outside the law in more ways than one. They actively violate every basic principle of American justice. These agencies simultaneously function as investigators, detectives, policemen, prosecutors, judges, and juries. They often apply their rulings retroactively. And it is commonplace that they hold businessmen guilty until proved innocent. In all these ways they replicate the operating principles of totalitarian justice. Unless an American business is immensely rich and can afford to fight the long battle to take its case to a higher court, it has little or no protection from the arbitrary decisions of the regulatory agencies.

This new despotism of the government is hidden by the noble purposes that they claim. It is assumed that only the highest idealism is behind the bureaucrats and politicians who seem so dedicated to our health, safety, equality, and a clean planet. These purposes are ethically unchangeable. indeed, they are formulated in a way that casts those who challenge them as advocates of disease, danger, violence, or filth.

More accurately, the havoc is wrought in the name of the public interest. Since the sixties,the vast bulk of the regulatory legislation passed by Congress and the hundreds of thousands of elaborations in the form of regulatory rulings have been largely initiated by a powerful new political lobby that goes by the name of the Public Interest movement. Today they are made up of the grown-up social do-gooders of the 60’s, the one world, one gender, one race, Marxist types.

They claim to speak only for the people and concentrate on the well-being of the consumers, the environment, or minorities. These terms, too, are chosen so that one cannot with any comfort challenge them. No one, after all wishes to be perceived as hostile to any one.

America is sitting on a fault line and below the surface catastrophe waits. These globalists from the 60’s have captured control of the Democratic and Republican parties. They have made the white man and women out to be the aggressor and the environment and minorities whether by gender or color, out to be the victims. They have oppressed American business to such a degree that our manufacturers flee at the first opportunity given to them. American workers of all colors suffer as a result.

We must realize that there is no quick fix to the economic problems our nation faces. It has become crooked and corrupt on all levels. America must turn a new leaf and it must be led by a political party that doesn’t bow and scrape before the demands of homosexuals, minorities, irrational environmentalists or the banking industry.

Our founding fathers formed a government which would work smoothly and simply. They did not intend for our people to be burdened by heavy taxes and crippling regulations. They knew that simple government was necessary to the liberty of The People. However, today our people are trapped in economic bondage whether they realize it or not.

Our white brothers and sisters must withdraw their support of the Democrats and Republicans who are more interested in the “PRIVATE INTEREST” groups and put their support behind The Knights. We must end the insane economic practices promoted by the politicians and replace them with policies that are good for America, for employers and employees. Put your support behind The Knights and America and end your support of the politicians in Washington D.C. and their one world globalist scheme of economic slavery. You work hard and you deserve better!